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Review Item:
Domain names GB
Domain Names GB offer domain name registration and domain hosting. Along with Broadband, Web Hosting, Dial up, E Applications & Free domain name checker.
Current Number of Votes: 3
Current Rating: 1.00

Review By: Dissatisfied customer
Many problems. Insecure servers (this time last year, all home pages were overwritten; some are still not recovered, as they don't appear to keep backups). I had a domain went down for over a week; every time I phoned, they promised it would be back in 2 hours. When I tried to move the site, they wouldn't release the IP tag. Lately, the email server has eaten a weeks worth of incoming emails - no apology, no explanation. Every time I hone, they promise to call back. They never do. Avoid this hosting company.
Date: 2004-9-17

Review By: Another Dissatisfied Customer
December 2004 - a virus managed to overwrite all the pages on one of the Domain Name Servers - they did have a backup which was a month old !
Date: 2004-12-22

This is the most appalling hosting company - full stop. Have failed to redirect my domain for over a month. Never contact you are and simply awful AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE
Date: 2005-8-16

Review By: anon
A completely unprofessional outfit. Completely useless with next to no support. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
Date: 2006-1-12

Review By: stuart morrell
No telephone support, chimps at work spring to mind .... useless !!
Date: 2007-8-7

Review By: anon
This company lost a domain without telling me. Does anyone know how I go about reporting them to get some come back
Date: 2009-4-14

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