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FREE Dating UK - Adult Fun in YOUR Area
Looking for Hot, Sexy, Adult dates with no strings? Absolutely FREE dating site! Number 1. datingsite in the UK - Members meeting up all over the country - Free Registration Today!
Current Number of Votes: 29
Current Rating: 6.74

Review By: Julie x
Nice - NO B.S. site - at least everyone knows what they are there for. It cut's down on timewasters..
Date: 2005-11-13

Review By: Chico
have signed up five days now and am meeting up at weekend/ she looks good and say camera never lies - who cares after a few drinks lol
Date: 2005-11-13

Review By: Dave
signed up and was suprised (nicely) at the number of people to meet within drivin distance! Has been ok so far.
Date: 2005-11-3

Review By: Chico
thought i'd let you know from before - met up nice lady and had good night!! not seeing her again though plenty more fish in the sea i guess lol
Date: 2005-11-27

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