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Review By: sarah
lokks ok, but where are the company registered details on here? also, you can't access any of the informtion it claims, without going to a "meeting". why is there not any proper contact details, the tel. no is a recorded message, there does not appear to be any information at all. you can't check out the claims on the site without going somewhere for a meeting first. stear well clear of this one!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 2005-4-2

Review By: Singing Pig
Please see for alll you need to know about OMI. Several people have done research on OMI and many OMI members have done their best to answer questions about OMI.
Date: 2005-4-3

Review By: racel
I have only been on 3 holidays with omi since i joined and i have always had a good deal (1 was a weekend in paris) some people dont understand how to navigate the site but once you get the hang of it, its pretty simple.
Date: 2005-4-8

Review By: tom t
best thing ever
Date: 2005-4-11

Review By: Carlos
Have to say the deals and options in the members area of this club are excellant. I would aree that it does take a while to understand how to navigate. Also members need to be clear about last minute bookings and longer term bookings and how to book the top quality accommodation. I am an independant travel agent and very happy with y membership
Date: 2005-4-12

Review By: nicole
This company is legit, they are an offshore company like many companies out there, they provide an incredible variety of holiday packages to the public, they are a limited company overseas in Canada and trading in this country like thousands of copmanies worldwide. I have done my reaserch and they are above board. All they do is sell a holiday membership, great deals, great people and if you as the questions from the right people you will get the honest and right answere, they will be around for a long time.... great stuff OMI.... keep up the great work
Date: 2005-4-18

Review By: they are crap
dont touch them with a barge pole
Date: 2005-4-20

Review By: JIMBOB
HAving Joined Omi 2 months ago after two weeks the relisation started to kick in. Part with £1695, get your mates to do the same and you can get cheap holidays... Hmm great, but when you find out that the holidays are available as a member of certian travel clubs (membership prices which start st £50) the only thing left is the money spinning element. I know i got mugged and am now chasing a refund. doesn't look likely though as the address on my cash recipt for £1695 is not valid. letters returned. Yeah a legit co. my backside!
Date: 2005-4-21

Review By: Dennis Sisterson
I went to one of their meetings and wasn't too impressed. They spent a lot of time talking about the money-spinning opportunity, which is really just making money from introducing new members - they say it's not a pyramid scheme but I don't really understand the difference. So much of the £1690 joining fee goes on commissions that the the holiday deals must be cheaper elsewhere. Curious that they insist on you joining immediately rather than giving you an opportunity to think about it or compare deals. Maybe the holiday thing is worthwhile if you plan to use it a lot but the whole setup feels a bit dodgy. I'd steer clear - certainly don't rush into it expecting a quick buck; that's a highly unlikely outcome despite their sales pitch.
Date: 2005-4-25

Review By: champs
I went to a meeting last week. What an experience that was. I was disgusted that we have so much gullible people that want to join this get rich quick scheme. The holiday element is all a con I'm sure. The only people that will/have profited from this are the people who set this scheme up in the first place. Sales people like that are selfish, money grabbing w*nkers!!!
Date: 2005-4-26

Review By: jay adachio
Went to the meeting a month ago. The deals are suburb and ive made over £7k in a month. Top company, great deals and financial freedom. Who could ask for more????
Date: 2005-4-26

Review By: julie
you are not able to independant research on this "business" as nobody will give any information. they have imposed a gagging order on the singing pig website so nobofy can slag them off. this business needsw to be kept clear of. when the new gambling bill comes into effect after 5th may which incorporates the chain gift scheme, i'm sure omi will come under that bracket and what they are doing will become illegal.
Date: 2005-4-27

Review By: Ferrita
I am a Lawyer and know for a fact that there are at least 3 other Lawyers in the OMI Club. This club does no more than what nearly every corporate company does now e.g. NatWest Bank offer a £50 payment for every person you introduce to the bank and opens an account Next Directory is only available upon application and you have to pay a fee for the catalogue which has items of clothing that Next offer via the Directory but not in their High Street Stores. They offer payment which increases as the number of people you introduce increases. We as a family have obtained two holidays at a good discount via the Club and i compared them before booking with the best high street deals that i could get. Some flights are cheaper on the high street but as with everything you have to make comparisons. Give these guys a break to prove themselves good or bad which ever may transpire. When the owner of Easy Jet started out with a crazy set with cheap internet cafe access people branded him as being mad and "would go bust in no time" look at him now. If people are not comfortable with joining they should simply make the decision not to join. Omi do have teething problems but they are still a baby and need to be allowed space to develop. Most people that have bad things to say about OMI (not all i hasten to add) have either found it hard to make a decision to join, want to make excuses to themselves and the world as to why they did not join and want to convienve themselves that it was the right decision for them or people who have joined but because they have not been successful they what to rubbish it.
Date: 2005-4-28

Review By: Duped
I too am chasing a refund from OMI club. I am unhappy with the membership and the lack of contact details./people that I can contact re my refund. I wish I had not handed over my cheque (which, incidentally was expressed cashed the next day) Duped
Date: 2005-5-3

Review By: Paula
I have just joined, but like everything in life you take a chance. You either go for something on not. You win or you lose. As long as the decision is yours to make then you make it. No one at Omi forces you to do anything, but like any company they look out for their interests, and are probably not interested in time wasters. I do not intend to be a failure but if i do not get the success that i hope for then I cannot and will not blame Omi. All you out there who are bad mouthing the company check yourself out first. Did you do all you could to make omi work for you? We are all adults - we need to get out of this blame culture, it is ridiculous.
Date: 2005-5-4

Review By: Liz
My friend has just borrowed money to join.Expecting to make enough money to pay off their mortgage. Will the tax man be interested in knowing the members.
Date: 2005-5-5

Review By: Shane
I joined OMI some months back and all I think is load of crap, sweet talk when they want your membership money and after handing over thats its you dont even existing that how I have been and few other have been treated. I say dont even think of gettin into a scam like OMI.
Date: 2005-5-5

Review By: Dupedalso
I too have been duped. Handed over my chq, that was also expressed cashed, couldn't book a decent holiday this side of Christmas, majority of flights fly out of USA, and I am a UK citizen who purchased the membership inside the UK (london in fact) and am very disappointed with the membership. Trying to get a refund, to no avail. OMI club are also called ignite leisure/ Your membership details will also be accepted on this site. What a waste of money. Im still chasing my refund.
Date: 2005-5-6

Review By: Ravi
Ima member and aall I can say is people its good. Go on your own instinct and not others. either people dont have te money or they just dont want anyone else to be successful, Im doin very well and I will yes WILL be better off I can asuure you. At this moment in time I dont need to worry about now I have plenty. So go check a meeting out and judge it for yourself. be proffesional and think of the opporunity.
Date: 2005-5-9

Review By: Vixen
This a chain gift scheme with no real product. The membership fees go up the chain to people that introduced you. You will only make money if you get others to join and pay a membership fee. Why pay £1700 when you can get the same holidays through flexiclub direct or sourcing your own off the internet. Under the new gambling bill this scheme is illegal and it is only a matter of time before it is closed down. Only join if you have £1700 to loose. Good luck!
Date: 2005-5-13

Review By: Aleeza Moore
I also know someone who has been duped by this Omi Club and we are chasing her refund without any luck. If we all band together we can do something about it. If you've been fooled by them, please email me at We can name and shame them, but we need to have a few complaints to be able to do so.
Date: 2005-5-16

Review By: Not impressed
My experience of OMI Club.... Got talked into attending a meeting a few weeks back in London by a friend of a friend who sold it as a unique opportunity. They were very secretive about the opportunity and would not say anything about the event or the company it was for. I had to pay £10 to attend, which I was sort of anti, as I still did not know the company name even after arriving at the venue, but the person I went with still convinced me to still go in with a open mind. So I did. What a combination of an experience and a waste of an afternoon. The agenda was separated into 4 periods with small breaks between for Q&A sessions. Whilst waiting for it to start and everyone to take there seat the organisers played loud feel good music, such as 'Simply the best' 'We are the champions' etc. Also due to the number of people there we had to wait for additional seating to be arranged. So the event did not start until nearly an hour after it was due to. Interesting to note, in a room of approx 600 people only around a dozen were Caucasian the rest being mainly Asian or West Indian. First part concentrated on 'Holiday savings' that could be enjoyed by becoming a member of the club. When they were giving examples people where going mad applauding the savings that could be make. I was speechless. I do not know much about travel but I certainly know I have saved more by doing a little trawling and booking online through well known internet holiday sites. The second quarter was concentrating on how much money that you could make, as a member, if you sold memberships to your friends / relatives / colleagues etc. Well it was like a circus, with the audience not only applauding a figure of potential earning as it was displayed on the screen, but also every time the name OMI was mentioned. At this point I had made my own mind up that this was not for me (even though I could earn £70k per annum for only introducing one person a month to it) and no matter how it was decorated it was a form of multi level marketing. The only thing I could see from it was how by selling it I would loose all my friends and colleague. Leaving was not as easy as I thought, several people tried to stop me and getting to the exit was a challenge more akin to the krypton factor. All that said, everybody is entitled to believe in what they want to believe in, so I wish all those that do believe they can make a success of it all the best, it just was not for me.
Date: 2005-5-17

Review By: mikey
OMI is not a chain gift scheme, this is a simple fact, whether you like it or not, look it up for yourself. it can be declared illegal for 2 reasons, 1, as a lottery scheme, 2, as a chain gift, if you read the laws it covers neither of these. ive noticed people doing a lot of complaining, why? at what? we have a nanny culture, people can look after themselves, if they dont want to do it, dont. the singing pig website is a disgrace, all anyone on there does is put things down, a new business is on there now being berated for no reason, without any research or forethought, seriously, why? dont those people ask themselves why they are unsuccessful? that site would not have adhered to taking their conversation stream about omi down if what was being said was legit, it was slandarous, therefore was taken down. i am NOT an omi member, but i work in governement, we new about omi in June last year and were happy. i absolutely hate unethical moaning people. we are considering speaking to the Metro newspaper also as he claimed to have spoken and got information about omi from us, he did not. i am not expressing opinion here, im expressing fact, you should all try and do the same.
Date: 2005-5-24

Review By: james
I know people that have given up their jobs having joined this scheme. It is very secretive and the meetings are held at the Hilton hotel in Derby. They all say they will retire in 2 years and be millionaires. After nearly 6 months I have yet to see any signs of them becoming millionaires. They are so dedicated that they will miss important family occasions just to attend these meetings. Please do your research before joining or even attending these schemes. If it’s too good to be true………
Date: 2005-5-24

Review By: Carlos
stay away from such chemes unless you have a lot of money to throw away
Date: 2005-5-24

Review By: Mo
I do not understant why people are moaning. It seems like OMI has only benefited the people who knew what they were doing, these people joined because they new they could do it. The people who weren't successful were the ones who thought they would be. Seems like the clever ones won here and not so clever ones lost. My brother joined OMI last month, its become standard practice that he brings homes thousands of pounds every week. Stop blaming the OMI for something the individual is to blame.
Date: 2005-5-27

Review By: witch22
I have been to one of these meetings! Sure, one could make a few bob introducing people - but I feel its a souless way to make money with no real pride. Oneday you may be rich - but when people ask you how you became soo succesful - what could you tell them? Its a shameful way to make a living! Oneday, the market will be soo flooded and people at the bottom of the column will not benefit! And I would not want to do that to my friends. The actual travel membership is just a cover for a nasty way to make money off other people.
Date: 2005-5-27

Review By: Jaz
I went to a meeting today 28/05/2005. Like review by: "Not Impressed" I could see losing friends and family. I could'nt even scam £10.00 from any of friends etc. There maybe some winner but there will be a lot loser. And yes this is some form of pyramid. I run a business and was interested for their member affliates idea. Where members with business become "affliates" and give discounts 10%-20% to OMI members. This all sounds could to attract new trade but if your mark up is 10% what are going to get "SOD ALL". Final say Keep your friends and Family - STAY CLEAR
Date: 2005-5-28

Review By: K
been a member for 3 weeks made 5k,this is heaven, you have to be in it to make money, no hopers just go home
Date: 2005-5-28

Review By: jonny
u know wot......whoever wants to join can join. and whoever doesn't, doesn't. its simple. stop wasting your time!!!!!!!! btw, im not a member, just a spectator.
Date: 2005-5-29

Review By: Terry
I joined this scheme recently and have a totally positive outlook. OMI have presented me with an opportunity to change my lifestyle.. take more holidays.. earn a serious second income etc... Whats wrong with you be-grudgers. If you want to make a change in your life then make a change. Just because myself and several thousand other people are actively working to sell memberships for this company and make some serios money - SO WHAT!!! The only FREE cheese is in the mousetrap. We work hard at selling our product
Date: 2005-5-29

Review By: Kev
Check this link out.....
Date: 2005-5-31

Review By: Anoymous
This is a "PYRAMID" a 2 tier pyramid. Only Winners and Losers. If you're not in by now then you and all your sub sales people are going to be losers. DYOR! I personally think that the people that run OMI are total W@NKERS!.
Date: 2005-5-31

Review By: sarah
what a load of old rubbish!!!! you know as well as everyone else what a rip off this is!!!! i suppose if you don't like any of your family and friends, then its a great oppurtunity to really get their back up!!! and yes its a pyramid type of schenme which is currently now illegal, so im sure the oft will be investigating, as i know they will have had numerous complaints about omi, and they are nearing the end of their investigations!! so be warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 2005-6-1

Review By: Bashir
I was asked by a good mate to attend a meeting for which I had to pay £10 for. When I asked what I was paying for, I was told that I was being given the opportunity to change my lifestyle - what a load of pants! If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Also when we asked Kamlesh Hirani some questions, we discovered that him and all his boys were a waste of time. It is yet another typical pyramid scheme and they are just not resilient. I have given the inland revenue all their names! Stay well away from this! Invest your money elsewhere!
Date: 2005-6-9

Review By: .
A lot of mixed reviews on here, some seem to be good some not so good. Just to point out that a lot of the negativity on here does not seem to be factual. For example no actual presentation in Derby as mentioned by some1, also what i would say to people is that even with the new act it does not effect omi as they are selling membership to a club, the money and the sales agent side of things is optional it is not stressed in anyway, you could sign up and just use the holidays. Thats the same for a lot of members club and i do not think the government can deem members clubs as illegal ! there are many members clubs out there where you sign up for and pay a joining fee. For examply local gym, use your membership card and discount at certain local businesses, is this illegal? how can it be? why would it be? On that note, leave people to make up their own minds and would like to add that you shouldn't go on peoples views but do what is right for yourself.
Date: 2005-6-10

Review By: Skitz
I went to this meeting, again suggested by my mate. I have never sat through a presentation that tries to manipulate yur mind so much like the one OMI presents its unbelievable. Dont go, dont pay ten pounds, dont support thier cause.
Date: 2005-6-12

Review By: Roy
Omi Clubs is not a fake or fraud. I've been there my self. I also thought at first that there is a catch, but I was wrong. Anyone who wants to know more can e-mail me, I've had a personal experience and I firmly beleive that its a company that can make you rich. I can also say confidently that this company will be bigger than most Travel Companies. Anyone who wants to know more can e-mail me, I'll gladly answer all their questions.
Date: 2005-6-13

Review By: Frank
I attended one of these meetings In Cork ( Ireland) it seems to have grown substantially already.. There were approx 15 people in the room and the speaker mentioned that he would not normally attend meetings with such a small number of people but believed that the people of Cork deserved to have the “lifestyle they deserved".. We were subjected to someone telling us that he has already 5 VERY successful businesses and when he discovered this he wondered why he had put himself through so much worry and pain trying to make a success of these when all along all he had to do was introduce his "friends" to this fantastic scheme. I was very doubtful of all these promises and was only there out of sheer respect for the person that introduced me to it...But when we were told that we could only see this presentation once and no more I became a bit suspicious.. I left it with mixed emotions, was it good or was it bad. but when I received a call the next day informing me that this person on the other line was collecting my €2,500, then the alarms really started ringing...In short I wish whoever decides the absolute best of luck with it and that they also keep their "friends" after it.. one thing I didn't like was that people who I don't even know take the majority of my money and that to me smells of dodgy business
Date: 2005-6-13

Review By: : )
did you know that the holiday club that omi uses to book your cheap holidays is flexi-club did you know that this club is not abta or atol bonded? do you know that if you book a holiday through an agent that is not abta or atol bonded your travel insurance may be invalid? also you are not protected in away, such as if you get to your "5 star hotel and its amud shack, there is nothing you can do about it? you would not have a leg to stand on. i for one would not put my family or children at risk for a cheap holiday, i would rather pay 2 grand and know that my loved ones are safe. book these cheap holidays at your own risk i say
Date: 2005-6-11

Review By: Steve D
I've been an OMI MEMBER for over 5 months now. I joined for the holidays benefits & I've save over £2000 on two holidays, taken with my family & friends. I decided to give the business side of it a go about a month ago & I've already make over £2500.. In my opinion a great concept.
Date: 2005-6-14

Review By: Dont do it
DONT DO IT!!! The only people who are still singing the companys praise are the ones who are desperately trying to get there money back by setting the debt on... It is a scam and it is only a matter of time before the OMI lawyers cant keep up with all the complaints....dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 2005-6-14

Review By: clint
Someone posted here earlier that its only for "winners" and losers need not apply. But eventually there will be losers. If you join a pyramid scheme, you NEED, aboslutely NEED to sell to family and friends. If youre prepared to live with the possability of one of them losing money so that you can make it, then ask youself this, whos the loser? Everyone here who has said they make money, where did you make it from, who gave it to you? Friends/ family/ workmates?. Are all those people making money too? ALL of them? i think we all know that theres not a chance that everyone makes money off it. Are you going to turn around to your brother/sister/work colleague/neighbour who has lost money to you and say "loser"? Once again, whos the loser? You see in life, the real winners are those who care about their friends and family.
Date: 2005-6-15

Review By: The Facts
The facts are that although multi level marketing can be quite legit there are a number of requirements that need to be met. If a membership fee is to be paid it should be small and other memebers should not be paid from this (i.e. for administration only). The members should be paid for the network (group or purchasers) they develop and on the total purchase of product or services that are consumed each month, and these products or services must not be loaded to make the payments possible. In short these schemes are exactly that schemes! They will help some make good money but at the expense of another. I am not suggesting that people shouldn't make profit from others but that that they should profit by adding a value product or service. Whatever you do ... don't do it, not to your family or friends or enemies!
Date: 2005-6-15

Review By: C3PO
It's now the 16th of June. According to the Metro, we should have been shut down over a month ago. Well what do you know? We're still here, stronger than ever. If it means that the 9-5 losers wanna work like donkeys for the rest of their lives, leave them to it. Abta is the association of British Travel Agents. Please get your facts straight. They have no hold over a south african company. If only these uneducated dim wits got the facts correct, then perhaps they would have a leg to stand on. There are people driving Ferrari's and porsches in less than 12 months of being in the business. So for the sake of a tenner, can you afford not to look at it? Holidays? I have sent many a member of my family on holiday, and it works like a dream. Over and out for now.
Date: 2005-6-16

Review By: Sad
OMI sounds like a load of Bull**** to me. As "The Facts" said, you should only have to pay a small admin fee to join. Where a joining fee is recycled to the upline it's a pyramid, plain and simple. MLM is a good idea, but only with the right compensation structure. Beware of OMI!!!
Date: 2005-6-17

Review By: Picture me Rolling.....
Ive read all these silly comments, please listen to C3PO, man ive been in this amazing concept for three weeks and ive earned an amazing £11,700, beat that. Hey all you negatrons learn somthing new and stop being stingy pull out a tenner and come and have a look. The losers are the ones who are too scared to even come and have a look. later
Date: 2005-6-18

Review By: Barry
I've not done well in the business. But I've already got over half of my moneyback. As I've been on a OMI holiday(SAVED over £1100). Also i've booked another holiday for later on in the year..which will save me £800.. So over 3 year it worth the every penny!
Date: 2005-6-21

Review By: ;)
abta, atol etc etc it does not change the facts does it? who is the association looking after the "south african travel companies" then? ALSO, ASK ANY REPUTABLE TRAVEL AGENT WHAT YOUR RIGHTS ARE IF YOU BOOK THROUGH A TOUR OPERATOR THAT IS NOT BONDED BY EITHER OF THE ABOVE, BEFORE MAKING STUPID COMMENTS. I KNOW WHAT IT STANDS FOR,IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE TAKING A MASSIVE RISK IF YOU BOOK A HOLIDAY THROUGH ANY AGENT THAT IS NOT BONDED. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. ASK AROUND. DO YOUR RESEARCH THEN COME BACK ON HERE AND APOLOGISE. THANKS my advice to anyone is this: do not book any holiday that is not bonded by a recognised association. your travel insurance will be void, and you would not be covered if you got to your destinatoin and it was a mud shack. check this out with any reputable travel agent for yourself. this is pure and simple fact. flexi-club are not bonded by a regognisable association. FACT.
Date: 2005-6-22

Review By: paul
I checked it out and all i can say is what a load of crap,my friend has lost money,its rubbish.Anyone who post here dsaying i made bla bla bla more than likley works as a part of this rip off club.
Date: 2005-6-23

Review By: money doesn't grow on trees
----- A LOAD OF BULLSH1T ----- DONT'T JOIN ----- I went to a meeting: 1. Listened to the extra loud feel good music, to try and exite me and hype me up. (Didn't Work) 2. Listened to the presentation, with the weak minded crowd cheering whenever the speaker mentions "make you money..." like bloody gold-diggers. (I refused to clap.) 3. Saw how the unprotected, unguaranteed holiday worth £3000 costs only £600. (If it's too god to be true, it probably is.) 4. Listened to how in only 10 months I could earn £90,000.00 straight. Without breaking a sweat, sounds so unrealistic. (No such thing as a quick buck. I calculated, for every person you signup, they make circa £1500 pure profit!) 5. They spent 3 hours explaining how much money I could POTENTIALLY make and only 5 minutes on how much it will cost me. (Hide the catch and try to blend it in so people don't notice.) 6. Tried to pressure me into signing an application form by intimidating me against other players. (They will keep badgering you until you sign!) 7. Strategically placed IN-HOUSE staff member amongst the crowd to try and show that it was the crowd cheering and making the noise and claps, when in-fact it was their own people. (Very clever move this, almost convinced me at first.) 8. Notice how at the middle breaks and end of presentation they display constantly on screen the money which you could POTENTIALLY make, nothing to do with how much it will cost you. 9. Notice how your friend didn't tell you anything about this and what you are in for. They will turn against you if you don't join now. (What kind of friends will they be.) 10. In the end of presentation interview, they will ask personal questions about your income and investments. (Who are they to ask me a personal question???) 11. You can't join in the next 12 months if you decline. (Another presurrising tactic.) This stops you from going away and talking to people with more sense than you. 12. They have the nicest cars parked outside and somehow, everyone knows the story behind how the guy got it. You guessed it, he joined OMI and made thousands! What a load of shit. 13. If the organisers believed in it so much, why have they still got day jobs. 14. They will tell you how YOU find your job boring and tedious. AT LEAST IT IS A RELIABLE SOURCE OF INCOME. How else are you gonna feed yourself. 15. Ask them this: are their holidays ATOL or ABTA protected, prove to you it is not in any way a pyramid scheme, why do they need your personal financial details, can they ofset the joining fee against the commision, how often and where to is the commission paid, why are they always so happy like they have a steel rod up their @rse. 16. Why are the terms and conditions printed on the middle copy of the 3-part application form where nobosy can see them? Do they have something they don't want people to read. ----- S T A Y A W A Y -----
Date: 2005-6-27

Review By: Sonya
I'snt it amazing how many negative people is out there living a robot lifestyle and doing the same boring 9-5 for the rest of their lives? Well, to all those narow minded people who are not willing to take chances in there lives, I have only got one thing to say: You will look back at your lives and just wish you can turn back the clock! Why? Because you missed all the opportunities and chances in life by just doing the same thing every day, how boring!!!!!!!! I want to live a debt free lifestyle and enjoy every day of my life and guess what ? With the help of OMI I am very near of paying all my outstanding bills in South Africa (of over R200 000) have already paid half of it in 1 month's time. Thanks OMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 2005-6-28

Review By: Andy
i have been a member for 4 weeks and i had made £1,300 and i won't be convinced until i have been on a holiday through them. I am in the process of booking one in next few days and also for a friend and his family on a different holiday in a week or so - but as i also buy and sell shares - there are so many people that talk shit and hype up or criticse some shares so don't believe all the extreme veiws , make uo your own mind and watch this space ss i will let you know how it goes. having said that there is unlimited potential in this and some people are making some serious money but then again there are so many losers around who also want in on the action and i doubt if they will make anything, whether you do this or something else success comes down to how good you are. unfortunately for me this guy who was 19 joined on the same weekend as me and he has made £7000 in the same period. i am in my mid 30's and have a degree, and post grad. work in the city he is uneducated so i am absolutely frikin livid about that , i would give OMI 7 out of 10
Date: 2005-6-30

Review By: Roy
Lets face it. People who've been to the presentation and didn't wana join is becasue they dont have the money to join. Think to yourself, after working howevermany years you have, how much money have you saved, furthermore how much debt are you in???? Its silly to say a film is rubbish just by looking at the poster, its silly to say ceratin food is rubsih when you havn't enev tasted it yet. I feel sorry for some people, they liv their lives like a robot, doing the same thing over and over again. *** This message is for people who want opportunities to have a better life. What is so wrong with going to a seminar and concluding for yourself if you wish to be part of a company or not, please dont let other people (some who have never been to the presentation) choose your lifestyle for you, chose it yourself. I've been there and liked what I saw and now I'm getting an extra income on the side, soon there will be ebough money to pay all my debt off which I couldn't do for the last 6 years working 9-5 five days a week.
Date: 2005-6-30

Review By: Undecided
Like some of other commentators i also was invited by a friend to one of these meetings. The holiday end of it is a load of bull its simply a front for a pyramid scheme. however in sayin that there is potential to make a lot of money in a short time but only if your in early i have to make my mind up by tomorrow but i think i'm gonna give it a blast
Date: 2005-7-4

Review By: CBD
If you were one of the firsts in setting up this project then definitely you will make money. You are the ONE PERCENT MILLIONAIRE that they talk about. And even if all the 94 PERCENT people that they talk about did join this scheme what would that mean. It would mean that all people would be millionaire - and what would your millions be worth? Just because everyone had a million, you would be worth just as much as anyone else. The only rich people would therefore be the billionaires, and you obviously strove to use OMI, while you could have invested your time by doing something better than OMI?? Also they tell you about the wealth principles - that you were not taught by your parents to be winners and that therefore you cannot possibly be a winner! If you think about it the people running the show are just as much sheep following the leaders, they have not made a choice for themselves. There are people there who have been in debt by £60,000. What does that say? Surely in some sense these people are losers also that they are unable to contain their irresponsible spendthrift ways....are these the people you really want advising you on how to invest your money??
Date: 2005-7-4

Review By: :-)
Oh my God!!! People who are negative about OMI need to have their brain washed!!! You people are unbelievably crazy for saying these thigs about OMI. I joined about 5 weeks ago, having read all the stuff on this site and other sites. I am so happy I didn't listen to any of you. I Have made a whole load of money since joining, and am now going into management. Just goes to show, if you really want something in life, you should go get it, if you are boring and all you can do is criticise, then I'm surprised that any of you even visit the site. You obviously have nothing better with your lives to do!! I can guarantee you will find negativity on almost everything in the world on the net, OMI is no different, don't listen to these lies. Join OMI and have that lifestyle you deserve!!!
Date: 2005-7-6

Review By: Wise Man
I joined OMI, and it has changed my life!!!! ---- Well this is what you wanted to hear right? Well OMI have not put me on the payroll yet to go around posting positive comments about OMI, so till then I will keep it short. OMI if you are reading, please employ me, I am dedicated, hard working, and can retaliate to all the comments you need me to in order to defend your bogus company.
Date: 2005-7-6

Review By: mr singh
if omi call it a day 2moro and the "business" closes how will the people who invested today make money from this "fantastic oportunity"
Date: 2005-7-6

Date: 2005-7-8

Review By: sarah
HAVE been to apresentation. AM happy with my life AM at university studying the legit way NOTHING IN THIS LIFE IS FOR FREE. the presentation is whack!!! it is a ploy for them to make you feel your life is worthless without omi, that you will never do anything good in your life unless you join omi, it is you lot that are brainwashed!!! can't you see through this garbage!!!! THIS is nothing more than a ploy for omi to make money, and anyone joining to take advantage of their family and friends. i would rather work my way to finacial freedom, than lose my family and friends in the process, and also pay 2 grand for a holiday if it means me and my children are safe knowing that if the unexpected happens then i now we will be looked after. you have no guarntee whatssoever if you book a holiday througha travel company that is not bonded by the relevant bodies ( ask any reputable travel agent) what i would say to anyone that has joined omi and made lots of money: don't spend it, because its highly likely that after the oft have done their lenghthy investigation that this may be classed as a pyramid scheme, so therefore, family and friends that you have signed up and taken their hard earned cash from, will want their money back, and we all know that the only way to get a refund from omi is to get the agents to cough up their commison that they were given through signing you up. what will you all do then ? take a loan out? remortgage? because if you have made that much money, you must have signed up a whole load of people on YOUR reccomendation. then when they take out a action against you, will you be able to cough up? NO I DID'NT THINK SO. you are all being blinded by the £ signs, you don't care whether it is legit or not, you know what they say MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL think about it, what position would it put you in IF (i hasten to add it is a possiblity)it turns out that it IS ruled that it is illegal, what are you going to do then. will you still be living the "lifestle you deserve" i think not, as you won't even have your friends or family left after taking form them their hard earned cash.
Date: 2005-7-8

Review By: Jay
From my personal experiencer with OMI, i was nagged in to going after three weeks by my so called friend. I was very sceptic from the begining but she persuaded me saying that she had made alot of money and if i wanted to know how she had done so i had to just hush my mouth and go along with her on the weekend. I too had some debts needed paying off so i thought ok fine lets see wat happens. My colleague at work had warned me about a company calling themselves O M I and when i mentioned the name to my so called friend who was taking me to the meeting she flinched a bit but then said no its not them. So anywayz i reluctantly went along to the meeting and let me tell you it was the most load of crap i have seen in my life. The people there were just so blind or later as i found out 'playing along' The presentation was in four parts the first part being about the holidays. Now the savings seemed nice enough but then i heard all this stuff about people never being able to get the dates they want and in the season they want and the hotels not being available etc! and now i've found out that ur insurance will be void if your travel with them since they are not a part of ABTA meaning if you injure yourself the hospitals wont treat you unless you have the money to pay for your treatment.So not much on offer there then. Moving on to part two 'the most exciting part' as my 'friend' put it. This is where they show u how u can make around 90 grand in a year. Now this sounds very appealing but no one takes into account how it would have to work. For you to definetely make that money each person you sign up would have to definitely sign up two people each now taking in to account the real world there is no guarantee most likely case is somewhere down the line someones gonna mess it up and no more money there! I also took a look at the commission and the membership fee and how much money goes towards commission and how much goes towards the company or the people on top of the pyramid shall we say. The membership fee is 1695 now for the first person you sign up your commission is £250 but the person above you, your senior agent also gets a commission of £550 which is a total of £800. This leaves a remainder of £895 which goes straight in to the companies pocket. After the person has signed up two people they then become a senior agent this then means they make £800 for each sale they make now since no one else now makes commission for sales your making the remainder £895 goes straight to the guys at the top. So if you think about it the people making the real money are you guess it the Kalpesh Patels and The Andrew Faridanis. So if you think your making money from this gettup then think again. Thinking about it there will be people who will make money but these are the people with all the guilible friends who have money to burn but then there are the people who sign up all hyped up about making money and these are the people who've had to get a loan from the bank just to pay the membership, now they dont have all these guilible rich friends since all there friends are in the same position as them poor and trying to make ends meat they cant afford to sign up to some get rich quick scheme since they are either worse off then the first guy or not stupid enough to go for something so obviously flawed! So now this person has realised that there sinking fast the only motivation they now have is the fact that they are in worse debt then they were before so they resort to lying to their friends and family to get them to sign up by may be saying they have made more money then they actually have (this was my experience). Now what sort of a business are you taking part in if its making you lie to your friends to get money from them??? i'll let you judge that one for yourself. Moving on to part 3 the joining fee... is it 17000 is it 16000 no is it 15000? no is it 14000 oh for fucks sake knock they guy on stage out please! Well after alot of crap you find out its 1695 which apparently isnt much at all especially for people who are poor as it is. This is the shortest part of the presentation for some reason (hmm i wonder why that could be doh) Moving on to the fourth and final part (by now your begging to just b shot) and out comes the head honcho Andrew Faridani with his slicked back hair and his story of the guy at the gas station (someone should tell him we call it petrol station over here but somehow it just doesnt have the same ring to it does it? the guy at the petrol station..) He gives you a speech about not being given the opportunity and that this is a great opportunity (yeh to lie and cheat your friends and family out of 1695). Well having heard all this i had made my mind up aint joining for shit! It was also partly made up by the big fat black lady at the front who must have had the biggest chicken wing arms you've ever seen and with arms that big you should not be aloud to raise your arms that high to clap its just not a pretty site!(i had to put up with it throughout the whole presentation) Having had my friend lie to me and me giving up my hard earned £10 to come to this crappy meeting i was not pleased and definitely not joining. For the rest of you out there thinking of joining or goin to a meeting first try and get someone else to go to a meeting and see how easy it is to persuade them to not only go to a meeting they know nothing about tarted up in a suit but on top of that have to pay for the priveleg of being sold to!! And that will give you an indication of exactly how much money you will be making wen u become another member of????? OMI!!!!!!
Date: 2005-7-10

Review By: Jay
Dont join its a load of crap
Date: 2005-7-10

Review By: Raindance
The pace, structure and design of the Omi presentation is intended to short-cut critical thinking skills. Other things on which to spend £1,650: a beautiful vintage guitar, two in-season designer suits or a brand new lap-top computer instead. Or read Rich Dad Poor Dad and invest in some real assets. ------------------------- The following is quoted from: In the UK Pyramid Selling is illegal. This has not stopped it happening, and under various guises, such as "clubs" Beware any scheme where the money is derived from getting people to join the scheme, and there is no emphasis on selling actual product. Remember. Sharp suited conmen the world over know only one rule, "you can only hustle a hustler". If at any time there is a nod and wink, an indication that you are lucky to be there, fortunate to have been selected, or about to rip off the tax man then be alert. They are looking for the guy who is nodding, the guy who thinks that he is smart, but is really just asking for it. If it looks too good to be true, then it is. ---------------------
Date: 2005-7-12

Review By: Raindance
The reason your friend wants you to join is because she/he's been suckered out of £1,700 and needs YOUR money to recover from his mugging. Is that where you want to be? If you're lucky she/he might even buy you lunch with your own attendance fee £10. Why do they pay out all the commission in cold hard cash? Why do they only accept your "membership fee" in cash? Think about it. If 600 people joined, that's 650 x £1,650 = £1,072,500.00 Cold hard cash. Of which half goes to the three or four people who set up the scheme. Half a £million of untraceable cash. Hmm... makes you think.... Makes you think. Spend the money buying something FOR your friends. Don't trash your reputation. ----------
Date: 2005-7-12

Review By: jackpot
i recently attended an OMI meeting at Heathrow via invitation of a friend, on the pretext that it was a one off business oppurtunity. when i got there it immediatly STANK of con. everyone there is only looking out for themselves despite the "hello darlings" and numerous air kisses. however i thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. not least because of the flashy and loud way it was delivered, nor the fantastic business oppurtunity it offered me. no. because i could not stop myself from laughing. from the patronising "things can only get better" and "simply the best" theme tunes to the way the conners blantantly worked the floor. people that had obviously been planted there sporadically jumped up a whooped at the mere mention of a pound note or the name OMI!!!!!!! so my message is this, the meetings are well worth the £10 they cost, to go and have a laugh at the desperate attempt this cooperation makes to try and scam people out of their hard earned cash. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY PRAKASH, RAKASH, SHILPA OR PATEL!!!
Date: 2005-7-12

Review By: JIMBOB
Well Said Jay!!
Date: 2005-7-12

Review By: Logic
JOIN JOIN JOIN OMI...IF U REALLY HATE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND WANT TO SCREW THEM OVER BIG TIME!! Was invited by my 'friend' to this 'life changing' experience. It was life changing alright - I never want to see my ex-friend again for trying to dupe me into such a transparently obvious pyramid scheme that relies on evangelical, Jedi-mind tricks to win over fools who are easily parted with their hard-earned cash. I literally had to walk out during the quarterly seminars, as the atmosphere was so full of corruption, gullibility and planted, brain-washed clapping fools that reacted to every buzz word that Hirani came out with - that it made my skin crawl!! 'OMI' - yeeeeeeeehh!!!, 'Ferrari!!' yeeeeeeeehhhh!!, 'Millionaires!!' yeeeehhhh!! 'u deserve it!!' yeeeeeeeeeh I doooooooooooo!!! I even found out that every wednesday my ex-friend attends OMI-motivational classes that teach him how to clap at the right times, cheer at the right times and basically convince his family/friends to pay £1700 to the fat cats at the top of the pyramid!! What a scam - i so can't wait til the people running it get their just desserts - the immoral, greedy, shameless pigs that they are!! As for my mate, if ur reading this, shame on u!! ps. wanna grab a drink later? yes? good...u can go alone!! Shame on u again!! fool!
Date: 2005-7-13

Review By: cork man
Been to the equivalent of OMI in cork recently and i just have to say that from the minute the presentation gets going its quite clear that it is not legit. "Guests" or "Prospective junior agents" are strategically located with the person that has invited them. The music is uplifting, loud and in your face....very much the same as the man giving the presentation. After dragging out exactly how much membership will cost you, immediately the focus is turned to signing you up within the next five minutes using peer pressure from your inviter to sway your decision. When i asked about how it would affect my income tax returns i was told "thats for you to deal with". Now i'm definitely in the business of making money but when you line up the dodgy presentation along side the spoof holiday offers (By the way Flexi club went bankrupt in the UK back in Sept 2004 and have since set up again in Swaziland!!) its clear to see that something is fairness a good try but i'll keep my €2,500.
Date: 2005-7-19

Review By: Lee
The daily Mirror are now investigating OMI (see the link)
Date: 2005-7-20

Review By: Work it out guys
When you think about it... you sign up for £ 1700, and you only start to get your money ''back'' after you start to dupe your friends and family into coughing up £ 1700 each... so how far downthe line can it go until your friends & family.. or indeed their friends and family are eventually shafted for 1700 each, and hey presto, the guys from the Hotel meeting with the fancy suits, overhead projectors and briefcases cannot be contacted.. Is it something you'd do to your friends and family ???????
Date: 2005-7-20

Review By: bob the builder
Logic, yours was the funniest review, you are so funny, ever thought about becoming a teacher, you would have your class in hysterics, coz im still laughing right now! and Bashir, you joker you!!! As for OMI - tried and tested, great disappointment! all questions are answered with personal attacks! Logic is right, shame on you! not negatrons being negative, but smart people being inquisitive!
Date: 2005-7-23

Review By: Salad
I recently attended a seminar at Jury's Inn, B'ham, invited to by an accquaintance, I was open-minded as the person would not divulge any information prior to the meeting-for reasons such as these message boards as anyone with half a brain would do some investigative work. I felt really embarrassed by the loud music, clapping and sheer over-worked frenzy of it all. The person that invited me talks of nothing else other than OMI and has obviously been completely brainwashed by it all!! We were at no point asked did we have any questions. The seminar was taken by a guy from Cheshire called Austin and his wife (cant remember her name). At the end of a laborious 2 hour seminar we were asked to fill out application forms were are not legally bindind-I explained that I would have to speak to my partner and they got quite heavy and high pressure-which I find an instant turn off. Now the 'Marketing Manager' wants to come around and try to coax my partner-'No chance'. Word of warning It sounds to be too good to be true. Tax Free pay every Wednesday in crisp £50 notes???????????????????????????????????????????
Date: 2005-7-24

Review By: Wacko
I am in the process of making up my mind about Ignite Leisure as it is more commonly known here in Ireland, and I am grateful for the site in helping me make up my mind. I can honestly say that the negative comments have made my mind up regarding this concept all the more easier and it is quite obvious that those with so many negative comments to make regarding OMI(Ignite) are complete pessimists with no confident outlook on life at all. At the end of the day, there is money to be made here and if you do not make it then it is through your own unwillingness to approach people about the concept and negligence that you are not then assisting them in turn to keep up the momentum. Membership ensures you have use of RCI facilities(RCI are only the largest timeshare company in the world) so there is your safety net. The negative comments on this page have only heightened my desire to join because all they are really are peoples opinions. Very few if any are from genuine people who have made a serious effort to further the business. To finish, the only way i can see this concept failing is through the dark outlook on life these people have. Lets have a go, if you don't like it don't go near it, if you do then give it a good go, but give others a chance, and for those who haven't been just go and see for yourselves and don't believe the naysayers on this site....See some of you at the Top!!!!
Date: 2005-7-19

Review By: xpose007
i went to this in east midlands today, as my friend had insisted i at least take a look. the singing and clapping commotions used in my opinion about as distractingting as anything. all i can say is that yes money will and can be made if you say so austin taylor, but in the end we lose. Imagine i pay £1695 for membership, now im going to do everything to get this money back or even make the profit. So i introduce a freind, and another etc, so whose now chasing to make a profit.?? in the end something will go wrong. yes you will end up losing freinds....i value freindship more than money.
Date: 2005-7-24

Review By: DR WISDOM
Date: 2005-7-25

Review By: Horse
Exact same as all the above, my 'friend' wouldnt tell me anything about it till I was in it. i saw through it straight away but stayed till the end and let them rats try and convince. I attacked them with the Pyramid theory and was told it was direct sales. They attack the weak and any member or OMI cannot be trusted as u gotta remember they will be making £ 800 by gettin u to join. they have been consumed by the money monster. Ok, my mate is now genuinly making over 2 grand a week but to what cost to his family and friends... Its just wrong. Cannot believe people fall for it,, but then again I can,, cause it is your friend who is advising you. He is brainwashed. its dangerous for the weak minded. Its simply passing the buck, passing your debt to your friend while making the lads at the top of the pyramid richer. The holidays.. just a smoke screen to hide the scam... Beware.
Date: 2005-7-25

Review By: truth
Omi have been cloned by Club-We (all ex Omi guys)They are exactly the same with 6/7 hour happy clappy CRAPPY meetings in hotel rooms. Of course you pay a tenner and the only difference between Omi and Club-We is the COST!!. Not only have the cheeky bast%rds copied the Omi presentation in it's entirity but have the front to charge an additional £300.00. Yes the cost for this 3 year membership is £1995.00.
Date: 2005-7-26

Review By: Jats
I went to a presentation in Birmingham Hilton today. I just couldnt believe this so called club has the autority to do this as it is a blatent scam. Does anyone remember IGENIX. Exactly the same concept and seminars..Look what happened to that company! it failed and so many people were scamed. This is also a blantent scam and will fail. All they have changed is OMI is a club and IGENIX was a company..Pls for your own benifit donot join, unless you really hate your friends and family!!!
Date: 2005-7-30

Review By: moosester
Well all I can say is that I am an OMI member and have been since Jan. It was my choice just like others out there who have joined. All I can say is people make your mind up for yourself if you see it and want to join join if not do not join. At the end of the day we have a free will and can make whatever decisions we like. You will know if you are making the right choice good luck to every one. God Bless
Date: 2005-8-2

Review By: Monkey Magic
Moosester you got conned ! haha
Date: 2005-8-5

Review By: Possibly
Good day one & all. The one thing we have by living in the UK, is the freedom - after passing 18 yrs - to make our own decisions. I went along to the OMI presentation even though I have been to/been involved in various 'schemes' since the 80's. Whether you call it pyramid, multi-level marketing, network marketing or direct sales, all of these - dare I say - 'get rich quick' concepts are basically, all the same or at least, follow the same principles. My opinion and my opinion only on this matter is that there is a catch or not dependant on your morals, standards and/or principles. There is the potential to 'lose' friends and family, but there is also the potential to gain much praise from individuals who you have helped. God gave you the ability to think and make decisions, so believe in the power or your conviction and trust your gut instinct. On moral ground, invite people who can afford £1700, but whatever you do in life, remember there is always a consequence. Ensure your outcome is a good one and you can sleep at night. Fortune favours the brave, yet not the stupid. I wont sway your decision by telling you what mine was, all I will say is MAKE YOUR DECISION WISELY AND DO NOT BE RUSHED OR PUSHED INTO SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH, BUT IF YOU DO IT, DO IT 100%, BE HONEST WITH YOUR GUESTS AND ALLOW THEM THE FREEDOM TO MAKE THEIR OWN MINDS UP. Which ever you decide, IT IS THE RIGHT ONE!!
Date: 2005-8-8

Review By: joyjoy
I am considering joining ignite leisure currently and feel good about it and the travel benefits. It seems as though a lot of reviewers on this site have a very unhealthy attitude to money ie, they believe it is souless and that it should only be attained the hard way by a 'normal job'. In essence, anyone who does not see the benefit of the club does not want to see that it is wealth sharing amoungst your friends, colleagues and family that you invite. I'm all for myself and my friends and family making money. If you can't believe in the benefits of something like ignite/omi because of 'ethical' or 'integrity' reasons then I ask you......where is your integrity when you are slandering online? Your negativity has proven to me that there are a lot of sad people out there who like little soap boxes to get on and have a whinge instead of getting on and having a go. Cheers to all.
Date: 2005-8-8

Review By: gill
well, well, i have just found out about ignite leisure(omi). it does look like a very attractive package but why if this opportunity is soooo fantastic do they have such negative press...?is it just another case of all those people who are afraid of taking the risk or is their strong and factual evidence to support the claims that the company is not ethical?
Date: 2005-8-8

Review By: catch phrase
no one here seems to mention the fact that this scam is immoral, all of u people that say, 'oh free will, and there is no pressure' ur all talkin tripe, the point of this kind of scam is that it is a pyramid scheme that is not sustainable, therefore someone somewhere is gonna lose their membership money! so even if u are to make money from this, it is not an honest living! get a job to make money. Its ridiculous how so many people have no morals and do not consider this to be a dishonest method of money makin, if u dont lose the money someone else will, infact it is guarenteed to collapse as a scheme because it is mathematically not sustainable. so wat about those who will definately lose money? its wrong, so stop focusing on whether its too risky or its a con cos u cant guarentee ur money back, to me this is all irrelevant, whether u make money or not, one thing is guarenteed and that is a lot of losers! the biggest losers are however the lazy individuals who cant be bothered to earn money in an honest way and choose to exploit the naive members of the population, these people are the real losers
Date: 2005-8-8

Review By: money doesnt grow on pyramids
this is a message to all those people that think omi is great, ur going to hell. you people honestly believe that the non members are weak and narrow minded? it is the members of omi that need to broaden their horizons. u have made alot of money have u? thats nice, why dont u stop deluding urself for one second and give back the money u 'made' yes thats right, give it backt to the people u took it off, im sure they wont be hard to find cos the chances are they are ur friends and family. unless they realised wat kind of person u are and do not want anything to do with u. u individuals are sick. u are able to choose money over morality and friendship and that makes u a pathetic individual. dont delude urself into thinkin ur the next richard branson, u f***ing idiots, u've robbed ur mates and shared it with a bunch of people u dont know. pathetic. i dont see how this kind of scam is allowed to continue. i attended the presentation this month but have since then found it has been running for well over a year, this is absolutely ridiculous and shud be stopped by the authorities. this is not money making, its money taking, taking off people that trust you. i am sickened. so every individual that has posted a review in support of this scheme should have instead posted the simple message 'i am a sick loser that needs help for i would sell my gradnmother if anyone wanted to buy her'
Date: 2005-8-8

Review By: celebrity
Did you know that the same person that owned Igennex actually owns OMI as well. and Also the difference between the two is that OMI has a product. Whatever SCAM
Date: 2005-8-9

Review By: Chani & Pepsi
We have read all the reviews and all we can say is that we were there when Igenix was going at full pace, and now we are fully paid up members of OMI. What you people are failing to see is the glorious opportunity being offered to you to change your life for ever. Only OMI can do this for you. Imagine a world where you have little or no money in your pocket, where your relatives and family do not want anything to do with you, and your friends stop asking you to come out on a weekend for a pint. This is the world of OMI and this is our world. May god bless you as he has failed to bless us. So now we are aetheists as well. DV
Date: 2005-8-9

Review By: Sonia
I have read all the negative comments and can only come to one conclusion that majority of people do not what a pyramid is! If they did know, they would realise OMI isn't one. Its a win, win situation. Managment get their money and so do you. I am making more money than the person who introduced me, so how can this be a pyramid when the people at the bottom (or level below) have the potential to make an obscene amount of money. All of you who have comnplained, it seems as though you don't have the money and its easier to slate something that you don't understand. I suggest you keep youir sour comments to your self and go back to earning your 20k a year.
Date: 2005-8-10

Review By: paul
All the comments posted here that are in favour of omi are made by the people that run omi,pathetic.It's a scam,end of.
Date: 2005-8-10

Review By: Mo Money Mo Problems
A win/win situation is one where it is impossible to lose. How is the OMI proposition a win/win situation???? If all you are going to do with the product is use it, then it is proven to be cheaper with other travel clubs. As regards earning 20k a year, I assume that is with Paye and NI contributions accounted for, and not in cash!!!! That brings to mind an obvious question, why do OMI prefer being paid in cash??? And why do they not advertise publicly in advance, where the meetings are going to be held?? Mmmmm......makes you think, why so much secrecy if the concept is genuine and above board. One answer...irate ex-members who have rumbled them, seeking a refund. The little man from Canada (behind Igenix and Omi) must be laughing all the way to the bank!! At a recent OMI staff motivational meetings,the art of selling to gullible audience members was allegedly referred to as "shooting fish in a barrel" Don't let this neg you out people! Pyramids, Reverse Pyramids, Gift chain schemes, call them what you will, but you just got to love the cheek of these people. Long live Entrepreneurship lives (Darth Maple)
Date: 2005-8-11

Review By: kamal
All i can do is thank the person who introduced me. I think everyone has it wrong. I visited this site after 3 months of joining and after reading all this shit this is what i have to say. Thank god you are not omi members. I am a member, i was not forced and made up my own mind. Its the only oppurtunity that the 75% of the population have cause if every one joins its simply a win win situation. I have had it hard and believe that if it was anyone of you there in OMI u would have not made it, and if u didn't join then felt bad and gave your opinions here. Who said its easy money or get rich quick. get your facts right. I have had to put in alot of effort and get through people like you. but my actions have shown their results. We donot want your money cause its no good to us, we are looking for people who have a burning desire to change thier lives and take control of thier future, cause there is system and it works, the only thing that does not work is you. i feel soory for the ones who r not in it and who paid and gave up. take control of your own lives and do it. but as i said, we r not looking for people like u, we want winners like my self who can find 3 people atleast who in turn for 3 aswell. why sign up if u can't have 3 people sign up. useless. more importantly, message to existing members, why invite such people, please start looking for quality and not quantity. if they cant find 3 people thier membership is useless to them, your organisation, and most importantly waste of omi time as we r looking for winners who will move forward with or without the negatrons. omi is the best cause i am in it and i am taking it to another level and by the way thats without u.
Date: 2005-8-16

Review By: sharn
I went to a meeting yesterday after being practically tricked into it by a family member. its not his fault though-if i'd just wasted £1695 i'd be doing all i could to get people to the meetings too. The scariest thing was that the desperation of these people to make you join was written all over their faces. They are taught at their "training meetings" to applaud and cheer to make the deals look good and because they are frantically trying to make some money back-they do as they are told. if the scheme is so great, why did about 6 people try and pressurize me into joining?? The man actually showed me his bank statements to try and push me to part with my money. And the end of the day, i felt nothing but pity for most of the people there. they were regular people who had been fooled and were doing their best to get something back. they may have tried to make my life look pathtic, but there's more to life than a quick buck,such as job satisfaction and integrity. I may not earn much but i have security, self respect and pride in what i do, and i have worked hard to achieve this. However, this is a concept that all the people there don't understand. maybe they deserve all the sleepless nights thinking about who they can try and fool next for the greed they have in trying to get something for nothing. I'll stick to my low paid job and sleep easy at night.
Date: 2005-8-19

Review By: ali
this place and people are a load of toff. went to a meeting today everything was hyped up with people innice suits, loud brash inspirational music this all adds up to to the hype and gets people in the mood to join up. they get you excited by telling you about nice holidays and hyping you up. they didnt even give you and information pack and basic info pack would be essential for such a company. you go on their website and they tell you exactly the same stuff what they tell you at meeting brush everything up with nice stuff. staw away from theses people they are a pyramid schemes except they have brushed everything up with fancy words, guys in nice suits and nice surroundings anybody want to reply to this they can email me at my addres..
Date: 2005-8-20

Review By: Think about it.
A few points here: -If this is such a good deal, then why is it not possible to get your money back? See: -Why does the company have bogus addresses and an address associated to a previous scam. See: -A friend of mine joined and said he could not get holidays. People have posted messages saying that they have had holidays. -This is a pyramid scheme, accept you are also paying for membership – most money is commission for existing members. It is probably hard to prove it is a pyramid scheme because they offer a membership for holidays, therefore it would be hard for OFT to close down, although OFT say that this 'type' of scheme is bogus. See: People here have said you can make loads of money – of course you can! You CAN make loads of money by getting others to join and earning commission. Ultimately those at the top make the most money, like any other organisation. If the company closes down, then those at the bottom loose their money. If this happens then it is wrong. If the holidays are not a good deal then it is wrong. Have the people who make all this money actually been able to book a decent holiday using their membershp? YES PEOPLE ARE FREE TO JOIN, BUT IT IS WRONG IF THEY ARE MANIPULATED. They should be more public, - who owns OMI?
Date: 2005-8-20

Review By: proxy
I went to a meeting today (Novotel Hotel - Heathrow)). a friend of mine tried to sucker me in, and one of his other friends. same story as everyone else, wasn't told what it was about, asked my friend if it was like a pyramid scheme, and he denied it. interestingly my 'friend', that i'm sure i didn't know *VERY* well, i.e. he must've had atleast a dozen other closer friends/family (that with something as supposedly great as OMI is, would rather tell them to get them a leg up in life), said he choose me cause i had the right frame of mind, that i was 'openminded', and 'approachable'. bollocks to that, he choose me, because like many people they misjudge my character and think i might be naive/easily tricked, when really im a lot sharper than the average joe, similarly the other guy he told about the OMI, i happened to coincidently know from back in university, and he knew the guy from even further back in college. and to be honest if i had to pass the stink onto someone, i would've probably choose that guy too. simply put, people get suckered into this thing, and they obviously panic, they quickly realise (but not quickly enough) that they've been had, and the only way out is by tricking their friends/family, sorry i should rephrase that 'tricking people they know', or rather 'tricking the best sucker you know first. and if they dont succeed, then trick your closer friends, and if they dont succed, then trick your family'. Anyways, enough with the psychology. here's some info i noticed: 1. I was told there would be like 400 people in there, and it was important to get in early, to get a nice seating. Well infact it wasn't that big (i'm pretty accurate estimating numbers, and ethnic breakdowns :D). there was roughly 100 (no more than 200) people in the room, about 10-20 seats across, and 10-20 seats going back (roughly ~200 seats, half full). of the 100 people they were a mix of 70% asian, 25% black, 5% white/chinese/other (the heavy non-white ethnic composition, could be argued indicative of the area - heathrow/west london. but i think mostly indicative of the nature of the friends-family referral system. and ofcourse how the suckers are more likely to be close friends/family, who also happen to more likely be of same/similar ethnicity). 2. furthermore of the 100 or so attendees. i had came to the conclusion that the majority were NOT guests, the majority were Junior Agents/Seniors Agents (aka big suckers, and small suckers). i signed the membership form with bogus details, interestingly when them guys (Vinny Parmar and co.) were doing their mini-interviews, i was one of the first up, which is quite interesting, usually you find yourself standing in a long queue of Guests waiting to get interviewed (again indicative of the low turnout of guest, that bothered to sign the form). - then ofcourse is the question how many faux-guests existed (SA's/JA's pretending to be guests) 3. I got interviewed by Kalpesh Patel. Apparently he is going to visit me on monday (he also left his 'personal' mobile # - which is probably never him but a drone or answer machine, i'll have to test that later), and if i have #1,695 (hard cash) for him, then i can join his cool club, and begin pimping my friends. 4. The cost to attend the meeting is #10 each. obviously they make 1000-2000 per seminar/lecture. of this a cut goes to renting out the hotel conference room for 3 hours, and a remaining cut goes to Kalpesh Patel/Vinny Parmar/Hirani ???/and a few others. so they get say 300 quid for doing that each. what i wonder is that if these people are so rich from this business, they should be millionaires by now, and even if they aint, im sure they'd take being a 99,900/year earning senior agent cotchin' in the caribbean, or south africa, or kenya/uganda ;) doing nothing, than wasting their time doing these presentations every day (yes mine was on a saturday, apparently they're doing this on a sunday too, and the reviewer above had his interview on a thusday. let's not forget i was told training day was a monday, and wednesday!!). so why do these Kalpesh Patel (Marketing Director) guys do these presentations virtually 7 days a week, sacrificing even their sundays??? i thought this was about taking the easy life? because THEY AINT AS RICH AS THEY MAKE OUT!!! 5. no Senior Agent/Junior Agent makes #99,900/year, the most i personally heard a senior agent make was #8,000, and his friend said he made #4000 (how verifiable was that? not verifiable at all, this was a friend of a friend talking. and considering the friend who tried to bring me in, these have got to be pretty weak/loose friend connections - a suit is a suit, a hair cut is a hair cut. i personally cant tell the difference between a 5000 pound suit and a 50 pound suit, or a 500 pound haircut and a 5 pound one - these members are the ones that are aware of the game, realise they've been conned and are very actively playing the facade in order to save their asses - remember 4 people have to be sold to in order for you to break even- 250, 250, 800, and another 800.) Monday/Wednesday Training day is learn how to be a bullsh*ter. 6. My friend told me about Kalpesh. how he has a flashy car with the KA1PESH license plate or whatever. Did anyone else get told that one? im sure it's taught on training day lol. But Kalpesh aint no regular dude, he's the marketing director. how do you think he got his job? do you think he got it by working the ladder from Guest->Juinor->Senior->Marketing Director. I DON'T THINK SO. he got it by the conventional route into a company, being interviewed by the boss, signing a proper legit contract, and having his monthly payments wired into his bank. 7. I was asking my friend and his senior agent's. "Wow this Kalpesh guy is pretty good huh. so he got there by sitting in the audience like me... how many Kalpesh's does this company have?" - the answer is just a handful. one only has to do a few searches for OMI, and the only names that come up are Kalpesh/Vinny/Hirani/Andrew/... So tell me. if this OMI company has been running for 5 years (or even 6 months), and theres supposedly 10's of thousands of members, all making nice money. how comes theres only half a dozen real players here, and those half a dozen real players are so close to the 'front line', working almost every day, pitching these presentations to us? you would've thought due to the referral nature of this company, there would be 10's, 100's, or 1000's of teams of pitchers. each team consisting of Kalpesh/Vinny/Hirani/Andrew. 8. Everytime I asked them (the obvious breaker to the system) "This relies on me being able to successfully convince my friends to sign up. I'm not even sure myself. what if OMI closes or something". They tried to shrug it off. since they know it's just a new variant pyramid scheme. just like new variant cjd aka BSE (Mad Cow Disease), OMI is like a virus. when you pay the #1,695 you're injecting yourself with a virus, and you're desperately trying to find the anecdote, you really only have 5 choices once you part with your money: 1. Bring your friends/family to the interviews, and hope they cough up the anecdote for you (250+250+800+800 aka 1,695+1,695+1,695+1,695 = 6,780 <- an expensive anecdote to get you out!) 2. Convince/Trick your friends into just paying you personally #1,695 - but you know you dont have the resources/salesmanship skills to even do what OMI does in their 3 hour presentation. 3. Try to file a lawsuit to reclaim the #1,695 (the best way to do this would be a class lawsuit. perhaps by forming a 'protection agency', that takes names/contact details of the OMI guests/JA's/SA's) 4. Hope that you can redeem some of your money from the other benefits of OMI, such as the discounts on holidays. I mean sure if you can get a 2000 pound holiday for 300 quid + #1,695. then atleast you break even, but that's another topic all together (how useful is the OMI discount). 5. Swallow your pride, accept that you lost the 1,695 and repay your friends over time. I hope my friend can solve his problem. but really i feel for community, in the end the only way of you getting out of OMI, is by screwing your friends over. which by the look of the OMI audience, looks like a bunch of college/university/young adult aged blacks and asians as a collective throwing their money away. as we know that the bottom level of the pyramid never win!!! the bottom level of the pyramid also represent *HALF* the member base. Which means atleast half the people are losing at anyone time, and when OMI closes down, half the people (the bottom line will lose). Furthermore due to the referal system it takes 6,780 (Four people paying 1,695) to bail your ass out of OMI debt. that means 75% of the members in OMI lose. As a minority seeing my asian brothers screwing over blacks and asians. As a young adult seeing my peers screwing over eachother. As a typical graduate with a loan to pay back seeing this as opportunity out, seeing other graduates in the same situation doing the same to their peers. As a friend seeing his friend, and their friends, and other people's friends screwing over eachother. Knowing atleast 75% will be hurt, financially damaged. this is pretty sad. these aint no 1-5 percenters, these are average joes, if the masses werent supposed to be 5 percenters then you shouldn't force them to be. you can beat nature.
Date: 2005-8-20

Review By: Angel
Its not all about money!!! I have read all the 93 articles on this site…and analysed all with a view to understand the practicality of this scheme practiced by OMI. Surely…people are different and perceive things differently…but how on earth would somebody try and introduce a friend or member of his family in search a scam thing!!?? Congratulations Jay..your article dated 2005-07-10 is outstanding!! With deep information on how OMI runs…definitely it has a pyramid concept in it. A friend wanted me to join and I thought to myself I must research first b’coz it did sound too good to be true…and here I found my answer. For those who have joined…Bon Chance…Good Luck!! To those who are seeking answers before joining…alas! Be warned it ain’t all what it seems to be…..for those who have eyes let them see and brains let them understand…….money is a root to all source of evil! Don’t be greedy...earn what you can in right way and have peace in your heart…and who said millions will make you happy??? My advise….DON’T JOIN..!!!
Date: 2005-8-21

Review By: OMI dont work
i) you pay 1700 to join. ii) you get 3 friends to join (250+250+800 = 1300 - still 400 in debt) iii) you ONLY get commision for the first two people each of them get's to join (cause after that they become senior agents and take the 550 for themselves). so thats 1100 commision from each friend (3300). totalling 4600. making you only 1300 better off. here's the deal every person you recruit, you *can* make 1900 (800 [level #1]+550 [level #2 first recruit]+550 [level #2 second recruit]). that's the maximum. if you want to be a 5 percenter (earning say 100,000) then you're gonna have to personally recruit 50 PEOPLE!!! since this is a pyramid scheme where you only profit for 2 levels deep (the people you sold to, and the first two people they sell too). after they make 2 sales, you dont get anymore. im not quite sure what numbers/spin they used. but that's the reality of it. doesn't matter how good this thing is. you'll never become a millionaire, and the only way you'll make even 100,000 pounds is by a lot of work attending these presentations, trying to find 50 of your friends to help you out and part with their money. no doubt there are some success stories. people with a lot of friends that got say 4 or 5 of their close friends to part with their money, and maybe a few of their close friends doing the same. those are the ones that post on here saying "OMI does work, i've been with them for 3 months, and now I've made 4000 pounds (or rather 4000-1700)". well i want you guys to ask yourself this? wheres the millionaires? wheres the people making 100,000's, or even 10,000's they dont exist. didn't OMI say you could quit your day job, fire your own boss, have a flashy 50,000 car? you aint gonna make it into the 5% rich list thru OMI. unless you personally know *50* new friends a year, and can attend 50 or more OMI presentations a year (recruitment rate is probably around 1 in 5, or 1 in 10 i'd estimate - as in properly paying the sum, not filling out a form). don't quit your day job! ...and just remember the 50 close friends that you recruit, you better hope that each of them can recruit 50 other unique friends (2500 unique friends), annually. otherwise you'll make a lot of enemies.
Date: 2005-8-21

Review By: Johnnyy
A friend had asked me to go to a meeting. So glad I have read these pages first. She and her friend have joined. Good luck to them both. I hope they make loads. Sure won't be with my help though !!
Date: 2005-8-24

Review By: Ian
i recently attended a presentation in dublin by ignite leisure. the presentation itself was ok but dragged on and on and on but i decided to give it a go anyway. i had heard that there were some bad stories going around about ignite leisure and that is why im checking out this site, from what i see there are a lot of mixed reviews some of which i think are a little exaggerated, ignite leisure leavr you in no doubt about what their product is and how it can change your life with a little effort. as a person looking for a way out of the rat race i'm going to embrace ignite leisure and work hard so that i may someday not have to worry as much about money. maybe if everyone else was a little less pessimistic and dare i say old fashioned the benefits would be obvious
Date: 2005-8-27

Review By: anthony
I went 2 a meeting on sat 27th aug 2005 and i am just not 2 sure about it. Looks like alot of people have lost money but i have also seen agood amount of people claimin that OMI is the best thing that has happend in their lifes. Iam in da middle not 2 sure but lifes 2 boring not 2 take a chance, i dont want 2 b a battery 4 he rest of my life.................MAYBE???????????
Date: 2005-8-29

Review By: Miss Smartie Pants
Jay and "Not impressed", I couldn’t agree with your comments more! I attended the presentation after a family friend said that "it could change my life" but he wouldn’t tell me anything about it, and that I had to attend the presentation and see for myself. I thought it would have something to do with personal development planning, to make yourself a better person etc. On the contrary, they charged £10 (which you ask yourself where the cost went?) to brain wash you to cheat people. Why you should be cautious: 1. There were around 300 people, they therefore made £3,000 when the Renaissance hotel would have costed them no more than £800.....If it was so good, they wouldn’t have the need to charge you for it. This was a quick win for them! 2. There were members there claiming to have made something in the region of £40,000. It seemed odd that all of the members that stated they were making money still looked like they walked off the street and did not dress or act as if they owned that kind of money. In addition, they didn’t have the confidence to look you straight in the eye when talking to you about how long it took them to make "their riches". 3. The so-called benefits they offered their members where discounted holidays, which were not abta or atol protected (the government regulated body licensing for financial protection air holidays and flights). 4. They ask you to attend an interview straight after the presentation to see whether they would offer you membership (this is merely them trying to reflect the exclusivity of the scheme). At this stage, they tried to take a down payment from me, even asked me if I had any credit cards on me to make a payment. They confirmed with me that they would come to my house the next day to collect the money directly. If it was such a good scheme, would they run after you? Surely, if it was so good it would sell itself and that everybody would be doing it? 5. The address given by the "Assistant Manager" that interviewed me stated that the company was registered in Belzize, Canada. If you do a search on google there is no mention of "OMI Club" at this address. 6. The family friend that suggested I went to this presentation said that the agents and members where great people, it was a great club to be part of etc. I witnessed a lady who I got talking to (she was divorced, had two kids and was very vulnerable) left the place crying as the interviewer/assistant manager told her to get out of the room as she did not know anybody that she could recommend, apart from electricians and plumbers. Is that the way you talk to people? Debts, money and financial difficulty are significantly emotive issues for people, OMI club are clearly taking advantage of this which is sickening. What kind of world do we live in? They mentioned that they rely on a marketing medium called "word of mouth", surely if you make people cry and upset them this can be far more detrimental to your business than beneficial? 7. A member is required to go on weekly training every Wednesday to learn tactics in selling OMI club to new members, they teach you how to identify people to sell the scheme to, what to say and what not to say. The people they want you to target are those that have significant financial difficulty, money thirsty people, those that are extremely vulnerable and have nothing to look forward to in life. 8. You are not investing money, rather this is a formalised structure of just taking other peoples money. How are you earning interest? Well you're not, you put in £1690 and gain this money back when other members joining after you realise that you have to recruit people to get your money back to make yourself richer. Who do you recruit? People that trust you, your friends and family. This is just the way you can lose the confidence of friends and family. 9. Its odd that the people who seem to be praising OMI on this site all sound like they have the same writing style - Kam must be that Kalpesh guy that did the presentation..."negatrons?" Do us a favour and get a new vocabulary. Joyjoy sounds like that Vinny guy...They also cant spell either! This isn't a negative review its factual. OMI is unethical and immoral it makes its money from targeting people who are vulnerable and badly in debt, desperate to get out of the downwards spiral. But, I am a firm believer in fate, what ever goes around comes around. If you're an OMI member and feel that you are doing good, then good on you hope you get all you deserve. For those that didn’t join, I am sure you are relieved (like I am) that you didn’t join, at least it opens your eyes to what is out there and how we can use "word of mouth" to express how we feel.
Date: 2005-8-30

Review By: deepak
theirs money to be made if you like screwing friend and family the people that take you have realised that it is hard to make your money back and they pry on their weak friends and family to this omi club if youve got alot of rich friends and alot of back up join or else steer well clear of this you will regret it when it comes back to u
Date: 2005-8-31

Review By: in the call
what would i be doing if it was not for omi? what other options do i have to make ends meet? this is an oppurtunity for those people who want to make a difference in thier lives. and it works. for those it didn't work, u don't believe in yourself. every one has thier own reasons to do it. i need a house and additional income. it suits my life perfect as u only work on the weekend and not during the week. for me it was a gamble, but i though if i could recover my membership fess then every thing else is a bonus. i have gone through alot of rejections. i guess people give up on thier dreams and their reasons for omi and stop believing in them selves and thier dreams and all they can do is try bringing it down for others via posting all the -ve things they picked up from what they saw at the presentation. the ones selected are the ones for can see a positive side of the concept working and applying it to them selves to prove it to work. how simple can it get to understand. all those who didn't do it have their comfort zone and are happy with that even if it means working 9 - 5 mon - fri, in the same job for the rest of their lives. they don't kow any different. I feel omi is a blessing for those ambitious people who could not earn to thier capabilities cause they never came across an oppurtunity like omi or any other. could be your own shop biz. whatever. but the more involved i get the more i love every aspect of the scheme and how the management are making it work. there are alot of success stories that i know of personally, and if they could do it then so have i, now so can you. so u can stay where u r and negatrate on every oppurunity, or u can go for it. but please don't involve in something u cant do, but if u belive in yourself and the system then it works for u. simple as.
Date: 2005-8-31

Review By: LISTEN pleb
I went being the most cynical person on earth, threatening to cause extreme pain to my mate if it was dodgy. Im on my way to making my money back, and all my juniors get help to make theirs, and in turn everone helps each other! If it was so fishy, why did you come in the first place? Did anybody force you to give the money, because I know for a FACT the managers don't take you on unless your serious! How can it be a scam if you know exactly where the money comes from and how much everyone gets!!! Obviously its a risk, but with all investments there is a risk! There isn't even a need to invite more than three people to be in profit. For people who talk bout scamming family and friends, its up to you whom you choose, no ones asking you to bring ur mum!? Just explain to them the full risks, and leave them to make their own decisions! Just use your brain when ur there!
Date: 2005-9-6

Review By: DJ Nav
OMI IS TOP STUFF!! it does seem hard in d beginin but u dont hav to bump ur mates? invite ppl less important 1st? iv made my 1695 n after this its all easy money. better then workin hard 9-5 jobs if u got d money GO 4 IT!!!!!!
Date: 2005-9-6

Review By: jackson
My so called friend has invited me to a meeting on 09/11/2005. iam glad i have read this forum OMI IS A SCAM dont do it. my so called friend is now worried how he can get his money back. as i told him i wont be attending. at the meetings they are mostly asians in the audience they are the most vulnerable people if they read this forum they would not join. if you want things in your life you have to work for it, not join get rich schemes and lose friends. i wish good luck to my so called friend who tried to dupe me of £1695.00 if you want cheap holidays look for them through internet or teletext this omi holidays is full of s**t they are not abta protected even. best way to get rich is not joining omi. they are not registered in u.k it is a sole trader company with £20 million turnover never heard of that. also they say they have offices locally around u.k i heard they will open one in leeds or huddersfield bull s**t it is a total scam and one which asian people are getting involved in they seem to be more vulnerable. check this forum omi club is a fraud omi club fraud it is a scam
Date: 2005-9-11

Review By: SAM
Date: 2005-9-11

Review By: TO ALL WHO HAV BEEN CONNED!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 2005-9-11

Review By: DB
Omi/Ignite Leisure I was at one of these meetings yesterday. I was impressed more by the money opportunity than the holiday package. I have not handed ovr any money but I am expecting a phonecall for a marketing manager tomorrow to enrol me.But I can't help thinking of it as a pyramid scheme. The earning potential is dependent on you getting other people to go to the meeting and enrol. I have changed my mind about becoming a member as I have read through the reviews here. I am just not sure of the whole thing. It may work for some people but I can't afford to take the chance. Like a number of you said, if you have money to throw away, go for it.
Date: 2005-9-11

Review By: AB
OMI is like any other similar scheme. It is a tragically short term view to making money. Yes you can make easy money but at what cost? If you think about it logically you know deep down inside that your gain will be somebody elses loss. At some point the money and investors will dry up - fact. Yeh, well done you might make a few thousand or whatever but do you really want to lose / upset friends and family over a couple of grand? If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. In addition, there are many question marks raised at the meeting like, Any good product or service always has a money back guarantee - OMI does not. Envelopes full of cash and home visits exchanging money with no receipts - does that sound professional to you? I know there are a lot of people out there who want to make money but we all know for every one winner in such schemes there are hundreds of losers. A fool and his/her money are easily parted - please make sure you look after yours. Ps I'm not being negative either I just hate people getting conned by slick sales people because it gives honest, hard working, professional sales people a bad name. If you want to make money take a long term view. Provide a good honest service or product that solves a problem or people want. Do what you love and help as many people as you can - OMI or similar is not your ticket i'm afraid. But above all else please be careful out there - Good Luck.
Date: 2005-9-12

Review By: not so dumb
i attended an omi meeting on saturday, after an invitation unfortunatley my friend was not too clever when doing the invitations, he invited a risk manager, lawyer, auditor. we asked a few questions that could not be answered like who owns the company, why do they only take cash, how do they track junior agents and subseqent senior agents in thier structure so that you know you are being paid the right money and where its coming from. the response was its tracked by a database and is registered on an offshore island and if we want to see company records we would have to fly there. at that point we told our mutuall friend he owes us lunch with the 25 he got for our attendence not sure we will get it tho he is probably trying to recover his money
Date: 2005-9-12

Review By: D man
pmg i have jus joined n earned over £10,000 !! ....... not!aint even going to waste my £10 on some scam presentation. and if i did join the only money id be having would be straight outta my friends n familys pockets n putting them in d sh*T !
Date: 2005-9-16

Review By: Tony
Having attended a presentation recently it reminds me of a similiar scheme back in 1996 (Titan) which was closed down by the Dept. of Trade & Industry (DTI). Take-away the discounted holiday promotions and your left with a pyramid scheme, which for those who operate it or have joined very early on will make money (scammed) from your friends & family!
Date: 2005-9-18

Review By: michelle
Went to a presentation today and got the whole hyped up thing!! Foolishly filled in my real details on the form and after telling my mate that i wasn't in the position to stump up the cash I left. 2 hours later I got a phone call from a Marketing Manager who said that "he would talk to the MD and arrange for a nice lady like me to come into the 'buisness' without paying the 2,500 euro". I could work on a commission basis but that I couldn't tell anyone, not even the person who invited me. And could i make a list of 100 people. Yes, it's call the local phone book!!! He's due to call me tomorrow when I plan to blast him with the research I have done.... this may be legal but is only, in my opinion, boarding on the line. How can my case warrant the wavier of the fees?? They tell you to borrow the cash but during the presentation they tell you that our older generation had the right idea and didn't rely on credit, now what exactly is the loan?? My last attempt to get out was that I am moving house, and sure this 'great man' could arrange my house loan for me. What a company!!! Yes I agree, some people can make money but no matter how much money you have you'll die lonely once you have screwed each and every person you know.
Date: 2005-9-19

Review By: Wise Bird
I recently went to a presentation and fuunily enough they are not called OMI anymore, they have conveniently changed their name to VIP - 'giving you the lifestyle you deserve'. I was invited by my cousin who told me she could not tell me what it was about and I would have to come and see. I listened to the loud inspiring music, people clapping and cheering like they were all part of some religious cult and had already made my mind up that I was not interested. The presentation was a clear ploy to play on people's waeknesses and human desire for holidays, eating out and being rich. The presentation was broken down into 3 parts. The first part being all about holidays and getting them cheap and if you like taking holidays then VIP is for you. The 2nd part tells you how rich you could be by simply bringing your friends and family along to these events. Whilst throughout the whole presentation staff members were strategically placed in the crowd to try and show that it was the crowd cheering and making the noise and claps, when in-fact it was their own people. An agent is also strategically placed next to every guest to brainwash them during every break. But all in all the most disturbing thing in this whole facade was the whole time I sat there listening to some guy at the front telling me my life was a joke and not worth living because i probably drove a Ford Escort, I sat there and I thought I can't believe my close family member has brought me here to try and make £250 out of me. And if i was her I would feel so ashamed!!! Ladies and Gents, it is Pyramid Selling disguised with words like 'Membership' and 'Cheap Holidays' and all about how everyone there is there to HELP YOU. So let me get this right ...the guy standing at the front of the presentation hall who goes by he name Austin spilling his guts out with his fake voice and inspiration and the occasional mention of his wife Angela to try and get me excited is doing it all for my benefit and not a second thought to his back pocket. HHHMMMMMM ..what a nice guy!! I looked around the room, 90 % were Asian and young. All the no hopers who are not really career minded or ambitious enough to work for their success who want to get rich and have the 'lifestyle they apparantly deserve' but without having to work for it. Well no hoper sitting in the front row trying to recruit your best mate ..why do you deserve a nice lifestyle and nice holidays if you don't WORK for it!!!???!!!! Sureley you have to learn to walk before you can run! Ladies and gents, the definition of success is not how much money you have but how hard you have woked to get that money. If you want to con your friends and family into joining this VIP Club (Previously known as OMI), so you can make your £1700 back, they arn't going to think a lot of you. In fact i wouldnt choose friends or family who look to profit out of anothers misfortune! Respect and Honesty are far more important than a quick buck! VIP aka OMI .... Don't do it! PS. and Mr Austin powers and your wife Angela ...i have a degree, a god job,a very nice car, i take very nice holidays and live very nicely so stick your Ford Escort and poverty stricken lifestyle story and ram it up your ass!
Date: 2005-9-25

Review By: Sussed
A m8 of mine invited me to come to an interview from 180 miles away. I asked him abt the company and was unable to tell me. I asked the opinion of another friend and he informed me of OMI. Upon googling it I came across this website. I promptly told me first m8 to scrap plans of me travelling to this seminar. Incidentally he said he would pay my fees as well (£1690), so must be another marketing con.
Date: 2005-9-26

Review By: Let's just say my name is Mr. Smith - Yes, i'm an OMI member...
STEER CLEAR OF THIS PYRAMID TYPE SCAM. This operation is a complete con! AVOID IT! The organisation just avoid breaking the law by offering a so called product (i.e. the club membership at £1,695. Real value? In my opinion a few pounds since you get a folder, a holiday booklet and a few out of date holiday vouchers). I went along to one of their secret presentations/meetings at some fancy hotel with a friend because he boasted it was a ground level opportunity to make a lot of money and since in my current job i have little disposal income at the end of the month i thought i would give it a go. After all i trust my friend. Now, i wish i hadn't attended at all because since joining i have made nothing and lost £1,695. The turth is, it is near impossible to make any money from this as one has to convince friends, relatives, business associates (anyone who will listen) to pay £10 to attend a secret presentation, give up a Saturday or Sunday and be suited and booted all day just to find out about the opportunity. (You make nothing unless they join). I still work full time and cannot sell this scam to my good friends because i have a conscience. The OMI lot won't tell you this neither will they tell you how difficult it is. All you will hear is how rich this bloke or that bloke is because he joined and signed up x number of people who signed x number and so on (Like a pyramid). My advice is this - Do not go to their fancy presentations because you to will be pressured to join with salesman speak, loud music and a really friendly rich, Marketing manager introduced by your friend as a good mate (These people are not to be trusted as they are just greedy salesmen). I don't blame my friend 100% but i do feel bloody stupid. I've learnt a very valuable lesson. If it's too good to be true it is! Note for the OMI Management - Stop promoting the money making opportunity as easy-money. It's not unless you are a greedy salesman type who cares little about friends and has a lot of time to attend evening and daytime meetings, have lots of contacts that trust you and you own alot of flash possessions to show how much money you have made from joining OMI club! I'm thinking of binning the OMI club folder too unless anyone wants to buy it off me? Going cheap! AVOID THIS SCAM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!
Date: 2005-9-28

Date: 2005-9-28

Review By: a g
i have been amember for 5 weeks and have made over 8000 pounds stirling iy one of the best opportunities ive eever seen all my friends have joined and are very grateful to me for giving them this chance get a life you english toffs and stop muttering on about how immoral this all is us guys know something good when we see it
Date: 2005-9-29

Review By: whistle blower
OMI is run by the guy who owned Igennex is the same set up as Galaxy which has just been shut down by the DTI as an illegal pyramid> So do your due diligence type both Companies names into the DTI search box. Alternatively visit the Daily Mirror site for Mirror Investigates last Wednesday. Its only time guys Save your money Dont join and then mug your friends, which is what every person who says they have made money out of OMI has done. Know your real friends not those who want you to make the same mistake as they did in order to get your money back.
Date: 2005-10-2

Review By: DON°T JOIN
For those of you who have not yet made up your mind to join, please read this: I joined this about 12 weeks ago in Ireland and have got 2 people to join ...(they have got their money back (with a lot of effot) and i have taken a loss of 1,800 EURO and am happy to do so rather than continue, such relief. I have seen through the brainwashing and bullshit techniques,(AKA Training Nights with the added bonus of a fab buffet!, the intimidation, the clapping, the wedding music and the 'made men' in their NEW suits, 'our business is serious' ..... and other stupid statements like this from Marketing Managers,.. do these guys have degrees or diplomas in marketing... I dont think so, I would say they were unsuccessful somewhere along the line and this is their chance to wear suits and act like professionals, (7 days a week, 24 hours a day, yea that is the good life indeed!!)....all for giving us the lifestyle we deserve, these guys must have came from heaven above.!! Dont fall for this, my friend made is sound all so iviting and even though my gut was telling me no, I trusted in her and joined,. (my stupid mistake ) You have to 'not care' about someone to be in this business and do well in it, so beware of the people who ask you to 'come see an exciting business opportunity', if you do, dont tell these people you financial business or give them your mobile number, you take theirs. After all would you tell a complete dodgy stranger in a suit on the street your personal or financial business, think hard about it in the 24 hours before you have to hand over the substantial sum as I am sure that a general purchase of 2,500 EUR would require more that 24 hours thought. I have asked endless questions about the website and nobody can tell me anything on how it operates properly, apart from to phone up and this lovely lady from flexi club will return your call. This business is unethical, immoral and UNREALISTIC, this is mutton dressed as lamb and is commonly known as CON, I accept full responsibility for slipping up this time and being a complete asshole, but at least it was an expensive lesson, not likely to be forgotton in a hurry xx
Date: 2005-10-2

Review By: Thank you all
Can I thank all the people who commented here, my friend is at me to join and I have told him it wont work and people will get hurt along the way, I guess it is only a matter of time. I know for sure now after reading this I wont part with my hard earned cash, and I will try and talk scence into my friend, not to be asking more to join. he has his money made back and I think he should be thankful, and place the rest of his energies in trying to help refund the last of the recruits well done all, well balanced views with DO NOT JOIN being the winner
Date: 2005-10-4

Review By: espionage is the key...
I only thought of this after i refused to attend a meeting. If you are a member and want to get one up on OMI, then just invite some investigative reporters to a meeting one weekend. Wasn't the mirror interested? MWA HA HA!!! i can just see their faces!!!
Date: 2005-10-10

Review By: jodie
i joined 2 weeks ago, i have made up to now £3350. I am a very happy with this very exciting concept and would encourage anyone to join. We all have opportunities that present themselves in life and some people will take the oppportunity and some people wont. I made a decision to join because i saw it as an opportunity for me to better my life and the lives of my family. I was in no way pressurised and I happily handed over my membership fee and hven't looked back. But I am the type of person who's glass is always half full unfortunately not all people are like that.
Date: 2005-10-16

Review By: beggars
i was recently asked by a friend to join this OMI club. i cud see the desperation on his face he'd claimed he'd made 10K but i was sure he hadn't made much. he basically begged me to join. that is all OMI club is - a club for beggars and con artists. if u are good at scamming people and have little/no conscience then OMI is the club for u. Keep up the begging u OMI members. u shud all be ashamed
Date: 2005-9-3

Review By: THE FACTS!
Date: 2005-10-17

Review By: unimpressed
OMI or 'ignite leisure'as is it is known in Ireland is a complete scam!!Not only have they none of the credentials of a reputable company ie.vat no./phone no./the only address available for poor souls that have the misfortune of getting caught is a postbox in COLUMBIA!Ignite Leisure not only recently taking up airtime on national radio for a previously unheard of two days!but has started to come onto the radar of Criminal Assets Bureau and the Irish government-'Ignite leisure'is quite literally 'igniting'for all the wrong reasons!!!
Date: 2005-10-17

Review By: ME!
I am thinking about joining!! but i dnt knw if this is a scam.. so many negative reviews and some positive.. i dnt think i wud put my friends and family through this.. maybe u shud target other individuals? people not soo close? Loooks like you can make money from it though?????
Date: 2005-10-18

Review By: Harune
There are some people who stay in a shell all there life and dont take a chance at anything because they will think its a scam or something dodgy! you cant expect anything to come that easy without putting something in or giving it a chance! whether your opening a business or buying a car! At least i can say i took the chance when there was one, i will never regret it...All the best to anyone who joins...
Date: 2005-10-19

Yes yes. Glad to see the OMI bashing is continuing. I was taken to a meeting at the beginning of the year by my idiot slattern of a mate/ex-mate. Pure tosh. When my other friend who attended with me started making intimations that it was a pyramid scheme he was treated extremely rudely and virtually threatened. He was refused entry to join and asked to leave. When I started questioning the morality of it, I too was refused entry. When I asked about declaring taxes, the wonderfully upstanding person that is Mr Kalpesh Patel said with a smile "You can declare that you made a load of money or you don't". Not exactly legitimate now is it? I cannot remember the exact details but as I remember they even infringed their own contract that they ask you to sign. They quoted some Act that states that it is illegal to advocate earning money as a reason for joining a 'club' and they clearly did that!! I say go ahead and join if you're an immoral fool but any person with any kind of conscience and intelligence will stay well away.
Date: 2005-10-19

Review By: cookinder
Pure crap. They are now 'expanding' in Milton Keynes under the name of VIP. I walked out. My experience was exactly the same as Wise Bird. I can't beleive what they are trying to do. Who can we inform to stop these losers from ripping off other hard working people?
Date: 2005-10-19

Review By: Newsman
Its a big big scam now called VIP..stay clear. The presentation is amateurish, the patter is awful. I wasted £10 going but so what, Im glad i got to see what rubbish they were talking. There is no product the website is just flexiclub, their hook is fundamentally flawed. Charles, Pritesh what ever your names are simply screaming congratulate yourselves on being in the right room...yeah right. The lameness of the music and clapping along. Getting people to sign up then shout welcome the newest member of........VIP. The heavies on the door to ensure no one can enter to expose their con. Stay away
Date: 2005-10-20

Review By: go on.........make strangers rich!
Congratulations you join OMI safe in the knowledge that whilst you are conning and begging money off people who trust you, some geezer named kalpesh or pritesh or whoever is getting the biggest cut of that money. Of course the people peddling this idea are going to show so much enthusiasm, they're cashing in on (1)your hard work and (2) the people you supposedly call your friends and family. FANTASTIC!
Date: 2005-10-21

Review By: Don't be brainwashed look a fool
I went to the regency on sat and although it seems like a fantastic offer and a great way to make money, however you are requested by them to pay a €2500 registration fee to join. I went home and discussed borrowing the money. You are told NOT to mention anything about what you have seen in the confrence, it has to remain secret. Anyway I did tell them as there is no way people are going to lend money when the don't know what for. The minute I mentioned the name "ignite Leisure" every one said NO WAY!!! Recently on Live Line (radio show) they had been discussing the venture and it was flooded with calls about how people have beem scammed out of their money. I counln't believe this, what i had seen seemed to be completely legimate and above board, so i decided to investigate the organisation. I google'd ignite leisure and the first two links had "SCAM" in them, so I checked out and searched it there too, hoping for a link about the Live Line sow, but aparently it was featured on the 6.01 news on the 6th of October this year, its title was about concerns growing about this organistion, and their business corresspondant was investigating it. I don't have the programme to run the artical but i suggest people try and look at it. The idea of it all looks brilliant, with no risk when you are in the place. I do believe there is an element of brainwashing in it. And of course they tell you how 92% of people attending as guests sign up. This part is true, you see it yourself if you decide to go. Their stucture is claimed as a non-pyramid scheme, This cannot be true as when you join you become a junior agent, you have to get two more to join and you recieve €350 when you do. Getting people to join is referred to as a "sale". On your 3rd sale you become a Senior agent, and the two sales you made are now "working" for you. They in turn try get people to join and so on. IT FORMS A PYRIMID!!!! When suggesting this to a friend considering joining she said she was assured it wasn't, there is no way in avoindin the fact that the slide show they presented to us resulted in a pyramid on it's side!!!! What do they think it is??? A glorified staircase perhaps????The one thing that really sticks out in my head is when i asked where the money they pay people with is coming from, the question was completly dodged. They also dodged the question about tax, the only answer i got was "But sure its cash in hand", Crazy talk!!!! I don't know how they are getting around it considering that it's illigal. Having researched the industry I have decided NOT to join as I do not want to risk €2500, although it may not seem as a great deal of money to some people, I'm sure it could be much more beneficial to me in another area. I advise others to do this. Also having read other rewiews as featured on this link you will see the truth, even proof of criminal involvement!!!! You have been warned!!!!
Date: 2005-10-24

Review By: Mo aka DeJay Sole
A Lot Of NEGATIVE FEEDBACKS! Ok, fair enough you have not joined the OMI/VIP club? but it does not give you the rights to write-it-off! I have been a member since July 2005, now its end of October 2005. £15k with only 3 introductions, (my close friend, my cousin & a work colleague) and I still see them around and we still are as tight as we were at the beginning! You are telling me £15k? In four month is not good? I officially left my 2 years 9am-5pm Job! In September 2005 and believe me, it feels good! Work for someone and earn a stupid £250 a week (excluding tax)? And make them rich? My advice to masses would be; go out and buy the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad; By Robert Kiyosaki. That book teaches you something that these scum bags don’t know or have a clue about! And NO, THIS BOOK IS NOT RELATED TO OMI/VIP CLUB! I have not been to any of the holidays yet so I can’t comment on that, but I have 10 hi & bye mates who want to go on holiday this year. And they are not a member and they don’t know that I have connections with OMI / VIP! Now do you see where I’m coming from? OMI/VIP is not a scam? You know why? Its been around for 5 years now? The members who signed first? Only had 3 years contract? So they re-invested the amount that is requested. So its more or less a circular pattern. It does look cruel on taking money out of your friends/family you invite? But believe me, it’s more like a chance or an opportunity you are providing them. Contact me personally on I’ll be happy to reply back and please, no insults as they will be ignored and be waste of your time.
Date: 2005-10-24

Review By: RS
Date: 2005-10-25

Review By: dont do it
ive been to meeting last saturday in dublin there was a reporter there under cover and next day it was in all the have to pay 2500 euros and the way i make it up is they get 1300 profit off each member for doing absolutely nothing.keep away
Date: 2005-10-26

Review By: Trying To Be Helpful
Dear espionage is the key. Saw in today's Daily Mirror (October 27) an undercover investigation on VIP, the new incarnation of Omi Club. U can find it on At a guess VIP/OMI won't be too pleased.
Date: 2005-10-27

Review By: Dont be stupid!
As in most cases, a mate asked me to come along for a chance to witness a "life changing experience". Fellaz...dont fall for it! As soon as the mad clapping and exaggerated applaudits commenced, i knew this was a pyramid cult. They spend the first session going on about cheaper holidays, then spend the rest of the day forcing you to join them up. If the scheme was that'd be buyin, they wouldn't be selling!!! Peer pressure is used, calling on people who are scepticle about the idea "negatrons". The money is there to be made. But trust me, in order to make a quik buck you're going to have to be dis-loyal to friends and family by joining them up, as the longer the scheme goes on for, the less chance of the new people of making money...and the more money for the seniors! Do what i did, have the bollocks to say no, and spend the money on your family or even save it. This scheme is for idiots. If you jus want to go to see some weirdo's get excited over some bullshit...feel free to go and have a right laugh! F*ck VIP/OMI wateva its called. Be real men n women and graft for your cheese!!!!
Date: 2005-10-27

Review By: Bhav
If you have a brain and are breathing then don't gey involved in this!! My father was duped into joining yesterday, luckily he handed over no money and has just told them now that he doesn't want to join. He has been let off the hook this time. When he challenged them about the nature of the scheme they denied that this was the case. As an off-shore company they can do whatever they want and the UK citizen will find it very hard to get a refund. My Barrister friend has said that if you have signed something and not haned the money over let them take you to court, it they can be bothered you'd win. This is a fraudualant operation that is preying on people's vulerabilities and it's interesting that they tend to approach many small asian business men who may have the income but not the knowledge to work out what this really is. I am disgusted and would urge anyone to think twice. I would suggest lobbying our MPs to see if we can legislate against this fraud. Please email your thoughts to me if you would like any further advice.
Date: 2005-10-31

Review By: *
whoa, alot of negativity here. im jus gona say it straight, if you want to join and want to take a chance in life go for it. to all the other ppl who think its a scam they have every right to think so due to the cash in hand concept and who owns the business etc. if you do not want to join then dont, simple as that, leave people to decide indivdually if they want to take part in the concept or not, i myself am a member of omi and very happy with it. and to all those who wish not to join then i hope they can be as successful as they want, just believe in yourself
Date: 2005-10-31

Review By: SCAM OR NOT A SCAM????
I was invited to the presentation about 2 weeks ago, by my friend. After seeing everything I put down half of the money without doing any research like a fool! Reason being that I know my friend has made alot of money as he has just brought a new car. Its not a scam its a system that will work for U if U want it to. The only problem is I'm finding it almost impossible to recruit people, it works differently for different people, I think I've lost out, but to all those who are making it work good luck to you. The people leaving the negative comments are too scared to take a risk, or jealous, because others are living a better lifestyle. Thats the bottom line good luck fellow OMI MEMBERS FLY AND BE BE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 2005-11-2

Review By: HAterZZ.
People.... Y u lot sooo negative...? How is it a SCAM? Service is provided.... and they are DTI and OFT cleard which means is LEGAL.. People who dont take chances in life will wonder WHat if???? 90% of the people who have given bad reviews to OMI/VIP will be in the same position as they were in 10 years time... They will all wonder what if... Life is too short to wonder.. If there is an opportunity in front of you.. DOnt b scared to take it... If you dont succeed try again.. You cant just say NO NO NO all ur life.. YOU WONT GET ANYWHERE....Get on with your lives and start doing some positive things.. Start making a difference.. if its with OMI or not.. I am partof OMI/VIP and doing really well.. Dont hate... just get on with whatever your gonna do.. About time people did do things rather than just talk about them on forums.... LaterZ!!
Date: 2005-11-3

Review By: VIP- hahaha ur GOING DOWN. anybody wana join me????
PYRAMID FIRM SUCH A VIP-OFF 27 October 2005 THE song blaring out was Sweet Dreams but this was the stuff of nightmares. We were undercover at a "presentation" designed to snare new recruits for an outfit called VIP. Those attending these events are seduced by promises of riches... once you become a member and then start recruiting others. The venue was a huge conference room, heaving with several hundred people, at the Renaissance Hotel near Heathrow. For almost five hours, without any food or even tea or coffee, we were harangued about the alleged wonders of VIP membership. Before the first speaker appeared, upbeat music bombarded the packed room. Then, prompted by cheerleaders, the crowd jumped up and clapped as the first speaker, Dizzy Tailor, took the podium. "Don't worry, this isn't a cult," he declared, although "cult" is exactly what it felt like. Dizzy spouted a string of fantastic holiday deals that would be available to members. Example - 40 per cent off hiring Necker Island, Richard Branson's retreat in the Caribbean. Yet Sir Richard's spokesman told us: "We've never heard of these people." But you don't join VIP for holiday offers, bogus or otherwise. You join for easy money... Enter the second speaker, Ketan Hirani. He told us that you'd get paid £250 for each of the first two new members you recruit, rising to £550 or £800 for more victims brought in by you or people below you in the pyramid. After just 10 months, he gushed, you could net a £99,900 windfall. Cue standing ovation. In passing, he said that the earnings were not guaranteed - this was the only warning, easily missed, amid hours of hectoring. Not mentioned at all was that the windfall depends on the near-impossibility of VIP doubling its membership every month. So how much does it cost to join VIP? Like a dodgy market trader, a third speaker said membership cost £17,500, then knocked it down a grand at a time until it became £1,695... which is exactly the amount wanted by a pyramid scam we wrote about in July called Omi Club. Both Omi and VIP used the same slogan: "Giving you the lifestyle you deserve." And 27-year-old Ketan Hirani, of North London, was a mouthpiece for both. As the meeting ended, we tried to leave the hotel with a copy of the contract, saying we wanted to think about it before signing. But a bouncer blocked the exit, saying the contract couldn't be taken out of the room. But we don't need the contract to know that, like all pyramid schemes, this one will collapse and it is a mathematical certainty that there will be vastly more losers than winners. Getting a refund could also prove tricky, because VIP is the trading name of Leisure Marketing International Ltd, registered in the offshore tax haven of Belize. Later, we visited Ketan, who insisted that we were "very incorrect" to describe VIP as a pyramid scam, though he didn't explain why. His main concern was that we didn't use his picture. "A photographer came to my parents' house," he whined. "I was there for my birthday dinner. Can I request that you don't use the picture?" No. But happy birthday. This is not a hoax, this was in the daily mirror on the 27th of October 2005, the link below will take you to the daily mirror website, the area of the website were the document can be found is the search box, you type in the search box “VIP” and the article will show up. THIS IS A PYRAMID, AND WILL COLLAPSE SOON JUST LIKE OTHERS HAVE AND THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO WILL MAKE MONEY WILL BE THE PEOPLE AT THE TOP, I.E. THE MARKETING MANAGERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, GET OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 2005-11-3

Review By: Well Well Well
I joined VIP on 29th october 2005 without knowing anything that i know now, but with the trust of my mate. I think you can make a quick buck if you really wanted to, but this will mean putting family and freinds in the business. ASK YOURSELF IF YOU'D REALLY WANT TO PUT YOUR CLOSE FAMILY AND FREINDS THROUGH THE PRESSURE OF JOINING VIP?! I WOULDN'T. And then what is they see websites like this, how would that make them feel towards you. Right you're all probably thinking where i'm going with all this.... Don't jepordise you future with your family and friends, if you are going to invite, invite people that your not so close to, thats what i'm doing and i have no remorse, i kno it's creul but i'm going to make my money back first and then i'll see from then. WORK FAST, its all about sat/sun, sat/sun.. all you members out there kno what i mean ;)
Date: 2005-11-7

Review By: VIP my arse
This is run by a bunch of guys who hire expensive cars to make themselves appear to have made lots of money fom this 'business'. They're a bunch of tossers and DON'T join as i know people who have been ripped off by them. It IS a pyramid - though they may tell u otherwise. Save ur money!
Date: 2005-11-8

Review By: Trojan Horse
I understand from Todays Metro that BBC watchdog are covering this tonight in their program at 7pm
Date: 2005-11-8

Review By: OMI / VIP marketing managers - Watch out, your time is up.
The Mirror newspaper and BBC Watchdog (reporting 8 November 2005) are on the case and have been investigating OMI / VIP Club or whatever they now call themselves. Advice to readers - You would do well to avoid this marketing scam and spread the word. These scamsters need to be brought to justice and repay the hard earned cash they have cheated unsuspecting individuals out of. Trading Standards and the DTI are aware of the scam and need individuals to come forward with their complaint/s. The DTI can be reached via their website or Tel. 020 7215 5000 or 020 7215 6740 (Minicom).
Date: 2005-11-9

Review By: god father
the best thing that anybody could ever do, ive made over 10.000 in 5 weeks, its a shame seeing you negatrons working your 9-5 and what you would earn in 10 months is what i earned in 5 weeks. you guys slave away at your 9-5 till retirement. if it was a scam it would have closed down time ago. you guys don't need a life, SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE SUCCEEED BECAUSE THEY DO THINGS THAT UNSUCCESSFUL PEOPLE FAIL TO DO.
Date: 2005-11-10

Review By: Negatron - whatever Mr Patel
Even the most intelligent person has been duped, when my brother came to me for a loan he said he had a unique opportunity, he was buzzing with excitement. Wouldn't tell me anything, I said it was a pyramid scheme, had to be, he bought so relatives and they confirmed this. Now I look at him with pity.
Date: 2005-11-11

Review By: Paul
Send your complaints to:
Date: 2005-11-8

Review By: allan
i am an investigative journalist interested in omi/vip/ignite. please contact me at my email:
Date: 2005-11-15

Review By: A member
All I can say is :DO NOT JOIN FOR THE SAKE OF do make money but at the expense of your dear ones.I am A member and now I realise that I am conning people.AND I CAN TELL YOU IF I LIED I WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN SUCCESSFUL.BUT I DON"T WANT TO LIE.instead I am inviting anyone who wants a refund to join me in the battle so that we can be powerful enough to fight can be done.AND WE WILL NOT BE CONNING PEOPLE BUT WE WILL RIGHTFULLY FIGHT FOR OUR email me and we will take it from there.
Date: 2005-11-16

Review By: Dunno
It's funny how posts have been going on this website for almost a year now. Also, it's funny how the company have not been shut down. Poor little sad people saying the company will go bust, or be shut down have to realise that the company is legit, and that is why it has been going on for over 5 years. Poor little sad people will be degrading the company for many years to come, but guess what....THIS COMPANY WILL NEVER BE SHUT DOWN!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Date: 2005-11-17

Review By: VIP my arse
Its funny that all of the companies which VIP claim to have links with have denied any knowledge of VIP/Omi club. These guys are a bunch of liars - don't get involved. There are hundreds of VIP members who want their joining fee refunded as they no longer want to be part of this 'company' who force you to rip-off your own family and friends. PLEASE - DON'T JOIN. I'm posting this message to help you guys - you must listen - TRUST ME. And a message for you guys at VIP - your time will come and I can't wait!
Date: 2005-11-21

Review By: Open your eyes
Here are a few things to ponder before you invest in this get-rich-quick business opportunity... If you are desperate and seriously thinking of joining OMI / VIP / IGNITE CLUB and have approx. £1,695 to invest, consider this... 1) Would you order goods or services from a company that only has a rented mail box as a company address and no proper registered address? 2) Would you trust a company that makes wild claims about its goods or services and cannot prove any of this? 3) Would you hand over cash to a company that does not pay tax and cannot be held responsible should you have a complaint? 4) What if the product or service was of little or no resale value? 5) …And what if the Office of Fair Trading, DTI and Trading Standards warned you not to invest in such a scheme? 5) Now what if you were required to deceive your friends and acquaintances in order to recoup your money? Would you still do it???? Well, that is the OMI/VIP?IGNITE CLUB lifestyle!
Date: 2005-11-21

Review By: MD
Can anyone list the hotels from where Ignite, Omi, Vip operate and on which nights? I for one do not want the likes of those scamsters on my doorstep. Perhaps we can warns others.
Date: 2005-11-21

Review By: The Truth must be told
Well all I can say is that I used to be a marketing manager for OMI, Marketing managers do not make money unless people join, they get their cars out on finance etc. and just blag it. People take it from some one that does know leave it well alone. You will lose out in the long run. the product that they are selling does not even exist. the choice is yours but you have been warned.
Date: 2005-11-21

Review By: Member
it is true, 5years and still running! dont forget! the membership contract is for 3 years. once expired? you have the option to re-invest! its more or lesss a cycle! NOT A PYRAMID! good luck! i'm making my money! :) i thanked my mate and still thanking him to be honest!
Date: 2005-11-24

Review By: Chris
Listen to the way they refer to outsiders, calling them "negatrons." These people who have joined this ridiculous scam all sound desperate to defend a rip-off scheme where you have to abuse friendship and do a hard-sell act on your own family just to reap a few hundred quid. I hope they can rest easy with their consciences as they pay other people's hard earned cash into their bank accounts. This company is under investigation and other companies run by the same people have been liquidated in the past, with all members losing their investments. So go on, listen to their bulls**t and go rip off your grandmother.
Date: 2005-11-25

Review By: CJ
Notice how the people who support this scam never leave their email addresses because they know deep down that all of us "negatrons" are actually correct but they don't want to admit that they have been conned out of 1700 pounds! Why do they think these VIP guys run this business? They are laughing all the way to the bank whilst the victims are brainwashed into believing that their large investment was worthwhile!
Date: 2005-11-25

Review By: UK Nation Admin
Please Note that reviews containing swearing will be automatically deleted by our profanity filter. Please keep your reviews clean, accurate and to the point. Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.
Date: 2005-11-26

Review By: Chris Johns
Hi, You might all like to know that Omi Club is all a part of Leisure Club International, basically a bent company which is under investigation by the inland revenue. I have pasted below some extracts from an article in today's Daily Mirror. I would guess that this company does not actually have that long left to run when national newspapers are calling it a scam :-)) Extracts: PYRAMID FIRM SUCH A VIP-OFF 27 October 2005 THE song blaring out was Sweet Dreams but this was the stuff of nightmares. We were undercover at a "presentation" designed to snare new recruits for an outfit called VIP. Those attending these events are seduced by promises of riches... once you become a member and then start recruiting others. The venue was a huge conference room, heaving with several hundred people, at the Renaissance Hotel near Heathrow. For almost five hours, without any food or even tea or coffee, we were harangued about the alleged wonders of VIP membership. Before the first speaker appeared, upbeat music bombarded the packed room. Then, prompted by cheerleaders, the crowd jumped up and clapped as the first speaker, Dizzy Tailor, took the podium. "Don't worry, this isn't a cult," he declared, although "cult" is exactly what it felt like. Dizzy spouted a string of fantastic holiday deals that would be available to members. Example - 40 per cent off hiring Necker Island, Richard Branson's retreat in the Caribbean. Yet Sir Richard's spokesman told us: "We've never heard of these people." But you don't join VIP for holiday offers, bogus or otherwise. You join for easy money... Enter the second speaker, Ketan Hirani. He told us that you'd get paid £250 for each of the first two new members you recruit, rising to £550 or £800 for more victims brought in by you or people below you in the pyramid. After just 10 months, he gushed, you could net a £99,900 windfall. Cue standing ovation. In passing, he said that the earnings were not guaranteed - this was the only warning, easily missed, amid hours of hectoring. Not mentioned at all was that the windfall depends on the near-impossibility of VIP doubling its membership every month. So how much does it cost to join VIP? Like a dodgy market trader, a third speaker said membership cost £17,500, then knocked it down a grand at a time until it became £1,695... which is exactly the amount wanted by a pyramid scam we wrote about in July called Omi Club. Both Omi and VIP used the same slogan: "Giving you the lifestyle you deserve." And 27-year-old Ketan Hirani, of North London, was a mouthpiece for both. As the meeting ended, we tried to leave the hotel with a copy of the contract, saying we wanted to think about it before signing. But a bouncer blocked the exit, saying the contract couldn't be taken out of the room. But we don't need the contract to know that, like all pyramid schemes, this one will collapse and it is a mathematical certainty that there will be vastly more losers than winners. Getting a refund could also prove tricky, because VIP is the trading name of Leisure Marketing International Ltd, registered in the off-shore tax haven of Belize. Later, we visited Ketan, who insisted that we were "very incorrect" to describe VIP as a pyramid scam, though he didn't explain why. His main concern was that we didn't use his picture. "A photographer came to my parents' house," he whined. "I was there for my birthday dinner. Can I request that you don't use the picture?" No. But happy birthday. ******************* May you be guided by comon sense. Who do you think really benefits from ripoff schemes like this one? Chris.
Date: 2005-11-25

Review By: Negatron
I attended one of these oh so important VIP Presentations along my 'friend' who was already a member of VIP. I wasnt told anything about the company, no name no nothing! Anyway got there. My friends manager dressed in a nice suit came to introduce himself. So far so good. So now by the time the actual presentation starts, you're starving because they have taken so long to start. Walk in - smily faces and wait...'life will never be the same' blaring out. Alarm bells start ringing. Why the hell would any successful company need to use that sort of psychology to get you to join? Motivational a!@#. So now...everybody is seated with marketing managers strategically placed amongst guests. Enter some stupid dweeb who couldnt do anything else with his life apart from scam and deliver presentations. Apparently you can go to Richard Bransons private island?? I read that a spokeperson for him was contacted and they havent heard of such a company as VIP. So they provide you with all these details of these amazing savings on holidays and at the mention of VIP, all the twits, nerds and dweebs who have joined all clap..oh and then they tell u to clap too!! So having explained all that, they proceed to have a break. Five minutes. No time to eat or drink (thats if you've brought anything because depsite holding these conferences at luxury hotels, they dont offer any refreshments at all). I dont know about some of you but Im sure that you concentration starts to wander after about 20mins...or an hour especially with nothing to drink for FOUR HOURS. Anyway, enter another asian guy dressed in some suit. He is obviously a bit more experienced in giving these presentations so he is here to sell the 'income' side of VIP (everybody please clap). So are encouraged to join, become a junior/senior agent and make more money by...conning more of your friends and family. Now enter some next Dude (Vinny or whatever his name is). Ok so obviously you're going to be earning this much that you must invest. Where the hell are you going to be able to make that much money without investing...wait for it...17500.25...but wiat theres a 25p discount. And then....a chord strikes within Vinny's heart and he reduces it to 1695 JUST FOR YOU!!! because you're so special and hes been waiting for you to join. Anyway to cut a long story short the questions I asked were, doesnt the tax man start questioning your accounts when you start earning ridiculous amounts of money and why dont they advertise. The answer is 'you are not employed by us, you are self employed, you decide' and 'we dont want to pay advertising companies' (cos ure full of bull crap). Then you wait...and you have some interview with your mates manager and he talks at a speed which is faster than light. You are told 'do not tell anyone until you have joined'. Oooooh wow...makes me feel like a VIP! (everybody please clap). Anyway I am a negatron and i did sit there with my arms crossed. So I was told to give him 200/300 pounds. Yes of course because I carry that amount in my wallet dont i. But then you are told...there is an ATM upstairs!?!? Oh gosh let me quickly run out and get you the money time is being wasted. Then Im told my ever so dedicated manager will come to collect 900 squid off me in my area - doesnt matter where u are, they'll find you in their cheap suits and spam heads. Then when he interviews you he asks you your goals. Ok so my goals are to open my own practice as I will be a fully qualified doctor. Im told 'you have some very good goals'...well duh??? At least I know Ill be earning more than you and knowing that Ill be helping people instead of scamming them. Anyway, I declined to join. And he crossed through my application (oh the pain) saying I can see you are the not right candidate...urm when did i even apply??? No mate you're are not right in the head and with that i got up and left only to return with his flimsy business card to say 'I wont be needing this'. Put your heads down in shame you dweebs. Couldnt do anything better with your life so you prey on vunerable people or gullible rich people? God please let one of your marketing managers read this cos its so crap! From the moment you are told, they start their hypnotic skills on you. You get curious because you want to know, you pay them a tenner because you want to know (and may i add that prior to going there the other guest that was with me didnt want to draw ten pounds out because he didnt want to pay the 1.50 charge? yet by the end of the presentation he was forking out 500 pounds??). I am the Psychology graduate here not VIP but hats off to them because they manage to use every ince of psychology in the most disgusting manner to convince you from music to appearance, body language and group pressure, feeling like you wanna belong? Oh please. This is an embarassment to my race - the amount of asians there? Just do what mummy/daddy told you to do and become a doctor because theres a lot more job satisfaction and rewards involved in that. You can feel the rage. Ladies and gentleman would you please assist me in welcoming another member to VIP (clap) more like VI CRAP. Never again and Im so glad I went so I know about these stupid schemes. I am a negatron. Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me in welcoming another member to NEGATRONS.
Date: 2005-11-26

Review By: Sunny
Date: 2005-11-26

Review By: ............
haha i was invited to one of these @holiday in walsall sun 31st october. what a load of rubbish!!!!!!!!! i was laughing all the way through and even filmed some of the event on my camera phone!!!!!!!!! at the end 90% of the guests signed up, i was one of a handfull that didnt!!!!! manily all asian guys...... kidding themselves-wow i thought i was the odd one out till i searched on goolge tonight! as another said have the balls to say no!
Date: 2005-11-26

Review By: Reckless
I can see a lot of negative and positive comments, but it's the same old negative comments the whole time. We read about the presentation in the beginning of the reviews. It's been repeated about 20 times now. I have questions but they never seem to be answered, 1.Why havn't OMI/VIP commented on the Richard Branson Island or the fact that AVIS etc have nothing to do with them. What does VIP have to say about that? Why have I stopped getting texts stating where the next seminar will be or the weekly training? Why did one of the Marketing Managers just dissapear with half of the new members money? Why if you phone Avis, they don't know what you talking about? Why aren't there proper links to all these companies affliated with OMI/VIP on the website? Why has the name changed once again from VIP to OMI? Why would Watchdog warn us to stay away? Why do they have to clap like a bunch of idiots after every break? Seriously, I know my friends...just that would scare the hell out of them as they are all professionals. Why are Asians targeted? Why can this get rich quick scheme not justify any of the so-called benefits about cheap holidays, car hire etc. My mate was looking at a holiday for us and we tried the FANTASTIC OMI site, guess what , we got a much cheaper deal with Last The OMI discounted price was about £400 more. Makes you think? And we stayed in a 4 star Hotel. Next thing somebody will say you don't have to join if you don't want, I KNOW, but up to now , no-one has come up with any answers to the above questions. Surely if the claims were legit , the company (OMI/VIP) could actually provide numbers or links on the site etc on how to call or get in touch with these companies like Avis etc.. and have something to say on all these negative remarks. If this was my company and I wanted it to work , surely I'll make sure I could back my claims?? That would just mean more members , wouldn't it? Imagine if all the benefits were true, everybody would join and all of us would be millionaires. OMI/VIP , this is the 21st century, The Internet is a powerful information tool. If everything you present is true, back up your claims!! I dare you!
Date: 2005-11-28

Review By: paul
The show was pathetically laughable,i told the guy to his face that it was a load of bollox lol
Date: 2005-11-28

Review By: Cynic
The Daily Mirror has run another, shorter, piece on VIP, dated 24 November. It went like this: THE anonymous caller wasn't pleased with our expose of pyramid scam VIP. Last month we warned you to keep clear of this nightmare, which takes £1,695 from victims at mass cult-style presentations. It promises huge riches if you pull in more recruits - in other words, if you con your friends and families into joining. "You will be contacted by our legal representatives and you will be printing an apology and it will be a full-sized page," said the caller. "Don't take this as a threat, it is simply a promise - OK, mate?" Oddly, we're still waiting to hear from VIP's legal representatives. And we won't be apologising, full-sized or any other page. Like all pyramid scams, VIP will collapse and the only certainty is that the winners will be the parasites who started it. OK, mate?
Date: 2005-11-29

Review By: allan
hi, allan caldwell, journalist. posted earlier but could still do with more info from people for story i am investigating which goes a bit wider than uk/ireland. keen to speak to those trying for refunds. thanks
Date: 2005-12-1

Review By: BabyFace NigerianNigga
Yeah, I went to one of these presentations in October, the one that BBC covered lol. One of my bredrins (who's already a member) Introduced me to it, he just told me that I should come in a suit/shirt and tie and look business-like. So there I go in, expecting just a job presentation. But then I heard the clapping andd the music and I was like 'okay. this is unusual'. Then I remember the main speaker saying 'dont worry, this aint a cult' (or something like that), then that made me even more uncomfortable for some reason as I saw the bouncers at the door. When they told us about all the money we can make, I was nearly fainting with delight, but then I thought 'there must be a catch'. Tehn after the presentation, I said i werent sure, then my other friend told me nopt to join cuz they had changed their name in the past. Then I was also thinking to myself. Im in University and I wanna graduate with my drgree and start building my own way. Even if it IS legit, I dont wanna make money that way. I wanna feel the achievement of earning something you work hard for.
Date: 2005-12-5

Review By: Reality Check...
Just a few thoughts...first off, I am not a member. In fact, I have yet to be invited. However, I have been researching this company for various reasons and stumbled on this ‘interesting’ discussion thread. For the most recent commentators on this thread, I have a few things to say from my research: To ALLAN CALDWELL 05/12/01 - Drop your efforts. This is a real company and they sue anyone who slanders them with subjective opinions. I'm very serious. Is this really how you plan to gather your information for your report? From biased, unprofessional opinions from a discussion thread. To CYNIC 05/11/29 - The Daily Mirror is an example of company being pursued by their lawyers. Just to say, many other lawyers, companies and government agencies are suing the Daily Mirror for writing loads of rubbish. A tip for you - read a real newspaper, one without a page 3 girl, like the Financial Times (the pink one). To PAUL 05/11/28 - Let people make their own decisions. No one is interested in your handling of the situation, and each ADULT should decide on their own. To .......... 05/11/26 - Believe it or not, many of those 'Asian dudes' are actually quite well off right now and are laughing at you, as they continue to help their mates to do well also. By the way, what you just did was a step past observation, into discrimination. To NEGATRON 05/11/26 - First off, you are obviously not in medical school yet because you wouldn't have the time to attend the meeting or even make time to write this badly worded, long-winded, incorrectly spelled message. When, or if you get into med school, you will soon discover that you won't be making that much money and you'll be spending much more of your life, effort and time in your work. It is a great goal. However, many people have not chosen it and may not be able to pay for the expensive education or generally don’t have the aptitude to become a lawyer or doctor. Grow up and stop slandering others opinions to join various groups. Others don't slander your idea of being a doctor. By the way, just by becoming a doctor, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a good or ethical doctor, but I guess we will see. Also, many doctors, lawyers, police officers, government workers and accountants are currently members. Maybe after you have worked hard to become a doctor, you’re doctor friends will invite you to a little weekend meeting again! To CHRIS JOHNS 05/11/25 - Chris, let me ask you a question - if some stranger came to your house in the middle of the night and asked ‘Are you Chris?', and upon your reply of 'Yes', they take snap shots of you from across the street with a zoom lens. You ask the stranger to stop and that you will comply with a proper interview, but the newspaper fellow says ‘Nope, and thanks’ and with that he’s gone. Would you, in this situation, be happy? You haven’t been given an opportunity to answer a question, contact the corporation that you are an agent of, or even dress for the occasion. Now, you Chris, by quoting this newspaper, are suggesting that the information held within it is unbiased, factual and absolutely legitimate. Well, I think not. On another note, I did discover that the resort on Necker Island is offered through affiliated companies with VIP who direct traffic to the resort at preferential rates. It’s not in what you know, it’s who you know, and the same goes for corporations. With that, I am finished my commentary. Happy decision making to everyone. I believe that this opportunity will be offered to people who can work toward financial success, but only you will know what you are made of. I am a softy and probably wouldn’t fair well in this business, but I would certainly love some discounted travel. Others who are made out for this business will potentially make great money for them and their mates. All the best to you!
Date: 2005-12-5

Review By: John Doe
See the similarities:
Date: 2005-12-7

Review By: Dave
Reality Check... Sounds like you know a lot about the situation. I know you say you have researched this "company" but your staunch defence suggests more than just a passing interest. To be honest it sounds like you either work for them or are trying to recover your money too. BTW I wouldn't pass comment on peoples spelling and writing ability - especially when yours contains so many mistakes.
Date: 2005-12-7

Review By: Negatron
reality check - no1 cares about you anyway. get invited then talk. oh and sorry for not spell checking my thread.damn.. must remember to do that next time. and as for med school i am in. does that mean that doctors dont have any time? run a reality check on yourself.
Date: 2005-12-7

Review By: cornershop boy
well this is full of illiterate members, who are trying to work undercover, keep up the good work, there are many potential gullible victims out there. in my book, i say: this is caca cheating and conning association
Date: 2005-12-7

Review By: sharon
I have recently just joined VIP and i wanted to address the general public that this company is 100% legit. People are forgetting one thing you are paying for a membership package that you, your family and friends can benefit from fact. Doing the business side of recommending the membership is optional. No one is brainwashed to join and am tired of people stating this. I saw VIP as a way of meeting extra costs which i could not meet due to being in my final year of uni, studying pharmacy. I would strongly recommend that people who are looking to join or who have recently joined to do their research as it will give you reasons on why you should join. As for the person who stated that members dont want to leave their e-mail addresses because they are scamming people is more than welcome to e-mail me for any further information regarding VIP. Am gonna end this review with a saying that goes "failure is an opportunity to intelliigently begin again".
Date: 2005-12-14

Review By: MEMBER
Date: 2005-12-12

Review By: was-omi
some interesting info here:
Date: 2005-12-16

Review By: was-omi
check this aswell:
Date: 2005-12-17

Review By: Business Consultant
OH DEAR!!!!!! oft have wound up omi/vip today, please cut and paste this link below, and i really do not like to say but.... TOLD YOU SO!!!!! GOODBYE OMI !!! GODDBYE VIP
Date: 2005-12-19

Review By: kay
Registrant: OMI 3 The Quadrant Coventry, West Midlands CV1 2DY UK Domain name: OMICLUB.COM Administrative Contact: Singh, Gurdeep 3 The Quadrant Coventry, West Midlands CV1 2DY UK 07903 733439 Technical Contact: Internet, Orbit 5 Clifton Square Lytham, Lancashire FY8 5JP UK 01253 740500 Fax: 01253 736360
Date: 2005-7-4

Review By: Business Consultant
OH DEAR!!!!!! oft have wound up omi/vip today, please cut and paste this link below, and i really do not like to say but.... TOLD YOU SO!!!!! GOODBYE OMI !!! GODDBYE VIP
Date: 2005-12-19

Review By: ARE YOU A MUG!!!???
To make money long term you need a good product. This is an underlying principal of business. In order to make a good business you need to know your product. This needs research. If you start a business or make an investment without knowing all the facts you can only expect to fail and lose money. OMI club makes money by selling memberships. The mebership is the product. Is the product any good? Is it worth £1695? I have been to an OMI club training session and they had £100,000 of new members in one session in one week. I spoke to 2 of these people (the first two that arrived) and asked them if they had any practical experience or had done any research on OMI services. They said no. The guy who runs the London operation is called Kalpesh Patel. He is a very intelliget guy and understands how people think and react, especially people who are weak minded/greedy etc. I learned this from seeing the initial presentation and the training session. The OMI principle is to convince people that the OMI membership is a good product (which isn't too hard for people with pound signs in their eyes)and sell it to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. OMI was created to make money, not to provide a service or product with added value. If you only want to make money, join OMI and sell memberships but just be aware of what you are doing. You are NOT providing a product worth £1695 in my opinion. Also be weary of reviews by people who cant spell. My final piece of advise is whenever you are presented with an opportunity to part with your cash ALWAYS see the positives AND NEGATIVES, and do not part with your cash until ALL the negative points have been resolved 100%. If you do not then you are taking a risk and should be prepared to lose your money. There are too many people out there who do not think and more and more people willing to take advantage of this.
Date: 2005-12-20

Review By: the tax man
How many of you actually declare your earnings from this company? Why are you paid in cash if its so legit? And how can people realistically make that amount of money without a huge tax deduction? Questions Questions Questions to all you VIP/OMI members?
Date: 2005-12-20

Review By: was-omi
hahahahaha....hohohoho...hihihihi...:()..dam got tummy ache..:(
Date: 2005-12-22

Review By: naz moh
i went to a a meeting after hearing all the crap i was amazed poeple had joined luckly bein a salesman i spotted the scam the r so desparte 4 u to join the just play on the reality of life to con poeple futher all the poeple dat say they hav made money have conned somone along the line i could not do this i want my £10 back? my mate has joined but made nothing better give to charity then these cons. i wouldnt join for free its a waste?
Date: 2005-12-22

Review By: Cynic
VIP is a scam - and that's official. The Office of Fair Trading says so. The Daily Mirror has reported (Thursday January 5 2006) the OFT ruling. You can find the story on
Date: 2006-1-5

Review By: haramkor
It's all gone quiet...Where are all the semi-literate, "negatron" hating, wannabe bling merchant OMI/VIP plants now? Dnt u wanna big up da OMI massive and make us all laugh with your hilarious "ghetto" English? I'm talking to you Sunny...
Date: 2006-1-5

Review By: Mohsin
I read the messages on this thread over 3 months back the evening after i went to a presentation. and i was really excited until i read all the nagtive messages. but i new my best mate was making £3000 every weekend so i still decided to join. now coming upto being 4 months in the business i have made over £45'000. Now i believe the negatives are coming from the people who are to scared to invest the £1695 or dont have it....or simply dont have the freinds to make money in the business.....ive only ever invited 12 people and 8 have joined....and im making loadsa cash from my junior agents. im a 21 year old student drive a porshe and in the next few months with some mone money from VIP will be looking for my first house. so i think people need to stop hating on vip
Date: 2006-1-6

Review By: jatt
ive been a member of omi since april 2005 ive only made £250 but i have seen other members make a hole lot of money. but i have not been to omi which i found out it is called vip on this page shows how much they take care of there members. i stoped going becouse of the way they treat you after they have taken all they can of you you get support in your first few outings but then they dont want to know. the main poeple who r running this is austin taylor, anglor taylor and andrew faridani you cant trust them the marketing managers they are just like other members they dont control anything they just do as they are told to. but if i could turn back the time i wouldnt change a thing. why i ask u say its because the people i met there ive made atleast a dozen of mates which im in regular contact with and one who is my business partner now. but i cant say omi/vip is a bad thing because i have seen people make money out of it and i now poeple have saved money from there holidays. but i dont like the way it is ran by main poeple of omi/vip who i named at the begining
Date: 2006-1-17

Review By: tinkerbelle
I have just recently been to a meeting. After the article in the Sunday World I do not know what to do. Is it a scam? or is it not? I have read alot of the reviews and I am still in confusion as to what to do. HELP
Date: 2006-1-18

Review By: KK
The company is doing well, they were under investigation but now have been cleared by the trading standards guys, its all legit, if it was soo bad, if it was illegal surely by now someone of autority would of arrested someone and put them under propa investigation, because if it were taking 1695 of randoms, and feeding them bullshit then surely they would have been done for it but no, they are fine to work with, as long as u understand how everything works, have your goals and know how to book a holiday your fine!you need to see it for urself before judgin it! its made my life better xxx
Date: 2006-1-24

Review By: unsure
I have been invited to a meeting too and have actually seen, and touched money earned through this scheme. After seeing my friend's money I want to join but having done some research and found this site, I'm a little worried. I have a heart and don't want to fleece my friends and family. Not sure what to do yet!! Anyone planning on going this Saturday to the London event??? please post a note on this website.
Date: 2006-1-25

Review By: skeptist
The OFT and VIP (LMI) are working together to make sure that VIP is completely legal and ready to go for business. The thing is, network marketing has become commonplace within many successful businesses, this is simply because word of mouth advertising is much cheaper and effective than conventional tv/poster etc advertising. You can see it in many many many businesses now and they are not being arrested. I have had people come to me offering job application forms for all sorts of things, for example video-games testing, because they get commissions for bringing people in. I would rather tell people I'll give em £X to bring someone in than to place ads in papers for the hope that someone will see them. I have seen it in stock market investments, household brands and holiday packages like this one: if you bring someone else in then you will be rewarded. VIP wants to grow very quickly, so instead of spending money on ads, they give huge commissions to people so that they go crazy getting people. It probably works out cheaper for them, especially since it's the consumers money they're spending to pay the consumers for their hard work! I ain't got a problem with that, because they're spending it on me! It's like taking a job as an advertiser. We are very valuable to VIP because we know people. This is a new kind of system which works, but because it's new and different it's just gonna take a while for the law and opinions of people to adjust. Cast your minds back to the 70's when franchises were born, most people thought they were a scam and certain laws had to be made to ensure that they are practised safely to ensure the best interests of the consumer. This is what the OFT states they are doing for network marketing/closed user group companies so they can sort the scams from the real thing for the consumer's best interest. But I'm not gonna blindly believe what the people at VIP are telling me about the changes am I!? Of course not! But I have looked at the laws which apply to VIP, and they are all to do with the functionalities and methods used in selling. For example, VIP were forced to offer a 7 day refund policy (read the last note on the OFT article). The person I brought in was offered just that and I have seen the new application forms offering that again for all members. I can see changes with my own two eyes. The other laws that applied to changes which needed to be made to VIP were based on the selling methods and the site, and I have seen changes there. Nobody wants this company to shut down, and so VIP will abide by any laws forced upon them. I know that if I ran VIP then I would sooner change my ways than go bust, just like they did with OMI. The only people who aren't winning out of this type of organisation are those who do not join, those who join and are not up to the task, and of course the competition. I had to read the OFT article over and over before I really understood it (I am certainly not a law student!!!). Other points: Tax: The company is run from Belize and so can pay by cash. I have been told by a member of an almost identical organisation called Club Wee (don't know how it's spelt) who pays by cheques. That is a null point. Morality: If I can make the sales, then the people I bring in can make the sales. I am doing the people I bring a favour. That is a matter of opinion. Please, I am still skeptical and open minded to objections, so tell me if there is any reason why my logic does not work here. Thankyou and goodnight!! :)
Date: 2006-1-19

Review By: omi what?
where is everybody? gone to necker island i guess...
Date: 2006-1-8

Review By: think harder
Ok, I recently went to an OMI/VIP meeting and as per usual the "friend" who brought kept everything secret. I previously had heard about something similar and figured it would be more or less the same. Anyways I went just to see how everything is presented and how everything works. You all know the procedure of how the seminars go. Separated into parts with each part supposedly being more exciting than the last. Part 2: the money earning chapter explains (to an extent) how the process works. No matter how it is explained the process is similar to a pyramid since there are levels and your income depends on people underneath you. At the end of the seminar you are handed a contract which states that your signing this contract for the holiday benefits. It specifically states that providing a get rich quick scheme or earning money by bringing other members is illegal. So why was practically the whole presentation about you earning money by bringing other people? That aside, in my opinion it is possible to make money from this BUT as previous people have said, morals and ethics will come into it all. It will also depend on your mind state and to what point you have been brainwashed or pushed on the “dream”. A lot of people who support OMI/VIP have had positive statements like, they started and were able to quit their jobs or that they have been in the program for 3 months or so and have made around 15,000. I would like for anyone that has got to that point to tell me whether 3 months later they were still generating that income or generating a higher income as the case supposedly should be. There doesn’t seem to be anyone on here who is financially free and is earning residual income from this OMI/VIP business. Another thing I would like to say is all these people calling anybody who doesn’t totally agree with the program negative and sad for having a 9-5 job are quite sad themselves. If anyone in omi/vip is honest with themselves they know that they signed up because it seemed like an EASY way to make money QUICKLY. If you supposedly are not doing much work to get this money WHY DO YOU DESERVE IT? The slogan is “the lifestyle you deserve” but if you haven’t done anything with your life that involves hard work and commitment prior to going to one of these hidden meetings, do you actually deserve to have that money. Me personally I know there are other ways to make money if your willing to put the effort in.In my opinion planning reading, becoming more knowledgeable with finance, business and government laws will allow you to begin on your path to a better life financially. 9-5 jobs keep you stuck in the system but OMI/VIP is not the only way to break out of it. OMI/VIP is basically a group for lazy people who want money quick but once they get into the business they realize that they still have to work to make that money and since you have now spent the 1695 you have to put the work in to get it back. If you are honest and you are earning a lot from OMI/VIP that means you have a lot of people underneath you. If you can honestly say that everyone underneath you (since its not a pyramid) is earning the same as you with no one losing out then I’m happy for you and you should share how you did this with everyone else. Last thing I have to say is money is not everything. Don’t think if you are rich that you will be happy because money doesn’t make all your problems go away.
Date: 2006-1-9

Review By: Joey
DO NOT PART WITH YOUR MONEY. If you do you have been warned, it's your mistake. These guys will not be around for long and when you give them your cash they'll be history. I live in Dublin and it has spread here. I nearly was brainwashed, nearly had the cheque in my hand. I would not touch this if my unborn kids were starving and this was the only oppertunity to make money in the world and feed them. My mate joined and he has been burned. Burned. Burned.
Date: 2006-2-1

Review By: Business Consultant
after oft have taken out an injunction on omi and vip, i cant believe there are still people posting on here saying they have joined? have you not been to the oft website? it clearly states that these schemes are NOT legitimate!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you all living in cloud cuckcoo land? cant your read? Please keep you 1695 in you bank account, for god sake don't give it to these scumbags- they are laughing at you if you do, especially as it is now offical that omi and vip ar scams- AS RULED BY THE OFT!! come on guys!!!! get REAL!!!!!!!!!! you may as well throw your 1695 in the bin!!
Date: 2006-2-6

Review By: mr C
ok ok let me first say i have been to one of these presentations and it uses a lot psychological prompts and tricks and although the top people are making money everyone else is fighting to even make their money back. anyway thats not my point, all you people AGAINST omi/VIP are all harping on about the OFT closing it down etc etc but to be fair they are still running as if nothing has happened!! seriously their websites are still running and they are still doing their presentations so all you lot dont start congratulating yourselves so quick these scum are still operating as per usual are they not????
Date: 2006-2-7

Review By: JO BLOGG
answer the question about your affiliates denying any knowledge of you!!!!! do it now!!! do it!!!! explain!!!!!!
Date: 2006-2-7

Review By: Mary
i became a member of ignite leisure in the summer 05 i was bowled over by it i invited a lot of people to have alook at it two people joined those two people could not get anyone to join up iI feel so responsible for them I cannot look them straight in the eye now my marketing manager tells me that ignite has folded and he and the other MMS have found another venture!it took that to convince me that it is a con....the newspapers were right after all
Date: 2006-2-8

Review By: Doh! I got burned when i joined OMI
I made a mistake and joined this half baked organisation because i was desperate for money. It's taken me a while to realise i was duped because my friend convinced me it was a genuine business opportunity. Now i want my money back. Does anyone know how i should go about this??
Date: 2006-2-9

Review By: Anormous
I became a OMI member in July 2005. I have not made no money becuase i quit before i started!! now you figure out the rest, you with me?
Date: 2006-2-13

Review By: in debt
I just want a refund.......Im in total £6k debt, £1700 from omi. Anyone in london email me and we can do a demonstration. the more the better. till we get our money back
Date: 2006-2-13

Review By: Ange Yes, it is totally legit - And pigs fly!
Date: 2006-2-13

Review By: Stanley
I went to a meeting in Canary wharf and I saw some fine looking girls. One in particular was a light skinned and curly haired girl I saw on a Saturday. I don’t know who she is but I would like to locate her. I think that she was very nice. I thought of going to another meeting just to see her and get her details, but there is no way I’m going to part with £10 (let alone £1695) to this bunch of Scam Artists. The whole presentation was reminiscent of a sickly TV drama which involved paying masses and Camouflaged moles amongst them. The whole feel good factor in the presentation (especially when a new member joins) was stomach churning and embarrassing. I would certainly feel very obtuse if I paid such an odious amount of money to them and endure this declaration "Everybody, Please welcome this new Idiot/mug/butthead/chief (delete as appropriate) to VIP." The whole thing is a farce. An absolute scandal. Why is there so much secrecy regarding this company? Why the constant re-branding and name changes? Why the bouncers outside the presentation hall? Why the injunction from OFT? Why the high pressure sales technique? (I must point out that 4 different people of various levels, including a marketing director, were sent to persuade me. They probably thought I had money to pay for membership 4 times over because of the way I was dressed. Lol!) I have to say one more thing. Make that two things. 1) Money could be made if they deliver on their payment promises once you get new members. But let’s not be under any illusions here; Selling will be involved. Hard selling for that matter. This not only applies to you but to anyone you introduce. I would say that 90% of the selling is done for you at the presentation but you must do 100% of the selling outside of it yourself. You have to be able to persuade anyone you can to come to the meetings and continue to persuade them during the presentations so that they cough-up. The most willing individuals will be family members and friends. You have to be a callous person to do that. You will trap them in a situation (just like you were) that will make them trap other close family members and friends so that they get their money back. This cycle becomes a continuous one and could potentially lead to problems between friends and family. The theory of friend and family introductions is proven by the type of people who go there. Have a look around and you will see that 99% of the people there are from the ethnic minorities. Do the minorities know something whites don’t know and are they onto a winner? I certainly don’t think so. Bottom line is, if you want to make cash from this, and then introduce as many people as possible to the scheme and stress to them that they do the same so that your own little pyramid builds up. This approach is unethical in itself but it will save you and your family undue stress. The method of making money with VIP mentioned above is my personal view. I must stress that I do not condone the method nor condone the activities of VIP. But the reason I'm sharing my opinion is because I wanted to clarify some of the confusion and misinformation on this website. And also because I wanted to educate some of the idiots here who posses miniscule narrow minded brains. 2) The second thing I will mentions is the brilliant sales pitch of the marketing men. They are flawless. They have perfected it to a T and they can sell anything to anyone. They believed in their own product (or hype) so much that even they nearly paid the £1695. This demonstration of self belief should give inspiration to those in business or those who want to get into business because it shows that anything is achievable in life. These presentation guys are wasting their time working for a scam company because they could do so much with their exemplary sales ability. 3) If this money making scheme is so great, where are all the money men who invest heavily in any money making venture going. The answer to that is that they know this is a scam and just another pyramid get rich quick con. I can guarantee that you will never see one of them in those meetings. I myself was duped into going and had my £10 pounds paid for me. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. Anyway, I rambled on for long enough and I must bring this post to a close. I somewhat lost the direction of my post because I only decided to write here because of my SOS to locate that beautiful gorgeous woman. (She was wearing a light brown dress and knee length boots) If you are reading this girl, then write to the email above. Ciao
Date: 2006-2-13

Review By: mittal
Club Wee? surely a pisstake....
Date: 2006-2-14

Review By: in debt
I just want a refund.......Im in total £6k debt, £1700 from omi. Anyone in london email me and we can do a demonstration. the more the better. till we get our money back
Date: 2006-2-13

Review By: jj
so wats going on ere seems like they still runining??? seems like the oft or watever gave them the all clear! hows this possiable?
Date: 2006-2-24

Review By: Spyke-D
I went to a presentation just Yesterday (26/02/06) In london- England. Ofcourse it was a posh hotel and so on...I arrived there with my friend who was a Senior Agent, louad music lost of clapping and OH MY GOD!! the show starts. After the presentaion fnished i was 100% convinced to join even though i enver knew wer de hell i was gona get de money from...i talked to my friend in geting a loan from de bank and then i had an interview with this Vinnie guy. What i didnt get in the interview is why was this vinnie guy chasing me after the money, he also wanted me to come with me to the bank whihc now that i think about it it is a bit fishy.....I have 2 other friends who joined this corporation or so called Company, i still want to belive in this company but then again there are all these negative comments that get to my head. OI just hope if I do say no to this company i wont loose my friend. I wont advise on any one but just think about it if your going to join..
Date: 2006-2-27

Date: 2006-2-28

Review By: cynic
The Daily Mirror (Penman & Greenwood column) have done VIP again, today (March 2). Here's what they wrote. Enjoy - tho you really need to see the pictures to appreciate it. I get the impression they wouldn't mind some help in naming names, so if anyone can tell the Mirror who's in their pictures, maybe drop them an email. Mirror's article goes like this: Swaggering around the foyer of a top London hotel in designer suits and patent leather shoes, they look like successful young entrepreneurs. Which is exactly what they want their prey to think. The truth is that they are the nasty gang behind a multi-million-pound scam that just won't go away. They have the cash and the clothes, but when we confronted them this week we found that the one thing they didn't have was answers. The boys in the bling just hid behind their bouncers, who replied to our questions by inviting us to step outside. We exposed this lot last summer when they were using the name Omi Club and promising fabulous riches if you paid £1,695 to join. But the only way you could make money was by persuading your mates to join as well. It was a pyramid scam. And, like all these cons, it was doomed to collapse, leaving thousands of members out of pocket and the cheats at the top stinking rich. After we exposed Omi Club it changed its name to VIP, which we also exposed. The Office of Fair Trading got an injunction preventing one of the main culprits, Gurdeep Singh, from continuing the scam. OFT director general Christine Wade says: "These clubs use slick high-pressure sales presentations to deceive the public about the benefits of becoming members." According to its own figures, VIP netted a massive £17million from victims. Now we've just found some of the same conmen, calling themselves LMI, holding another recruiting session at a posh London hotel. So we went along to The Millennium Gloucester Hotel in ' Kensington to hand out ' copies of our previous ' stories to potential victims. Ketan Hirani, a main speaker, became ' monosyllabic when we quizzed him. Did he feel guilty about what he does? "No." Even more tight-lipped was another organiser, sporting a Dolce & Gabbana tie and matching handkerchief. Calling himself "Steve", he took our business cards and promised to get back to us if he had any statement. He hasn't. A third poseur, who wouldn't give his name, at first denied he was anything to do with LMI, claiming to be just "relaxing" at the hotel. Yet he later launched a vigorous defence of the scheme, demanding: "Have you ever been to one of our presentations?" We have. In October we went to a Heathrow hotel where hundreds were crammed into an over-heated conference f room and bombarded with orchestrated clapping, standing ovations, deafening music and endless speeches. It could have been a religious cult. In Kensington two heavies hove into view and asked if we could step outside. We said it wasn't their hotel and carried on handing out our exposes, because we know what happens to people who get sucked in. Since our first article appeared we've heard many tragic tales from victims. One - we've got his details but will simply call him student Rickie from Surrey - told us: "One of my close friends invited me to one of the presentations. "I was constantly led to believe I would make £10,000 within two weeks of joining, I was basically forced into paying the joining fee of £1,695 just to stop more 'brainwashing'. "I am now left in huge debt and have to lie to my parents so they don't know what I got myself into -or else drag my friends into doing the same thing just to get out of debt." Behind this sham is a company called Leisure Marketing International Ltd, registered in the Caribbean tax haven of Belize. Hand over £1,695 and that's the last you'll see of your money.
Date: 2006-3-2

Review By: billy
We sould all start a demonstration to get a refound if we dont do anything about no one will and i need my money back so i can pay my debt. I been joined for around 3 months and its not workin at all i invited pepole down but all its making me do is lose more money i would of be more realistic if i didnt have to pay 10pounds to bring a gust evrytime so i just go in to more debt --- VIP KEEP UR MEMBERS HAPPY STOP CHARGING 10 POUNDS EVERY WEEK-----
Date: 2006-3-15

Review By: REGRETS
Does anybody know how to go about getting a refund from the OMI scamsters? Please email me.
Date: 2006-3-16

Review By: log
THIS IS THE TRUTH ITS ALL A SCAM ! FIRST THE COMPANY WAS CALLED OMI THEN THEY CHANGED IT TO LMI THEY CHANGE LOCATION ON A FREQUENT BASIS MY QUESTION IS why ALL THIS SNAKING AND MOVING ABOUT IF YOU ARE LEGITIMATE COMPANy SECONDLY MY SIS IS A PHYSCOLOGIST SHE LEFT AS SOON AS SHE REALISED ALL OF THEIR DISGUSTING ManipulATING MARKETING TRICKS THAT WERE BEING USED SUCH AS COMMAND WORDS LIKE BUY NOW ! AND YOU ! COULD BE A WINNER and more but LET ME ALSO EXPLAIN why do they pressurise you into buying at that very moment ! because they don't make no money if you don't read this article and you will understand and if you still go and buy it then you are so stupid and can be fooled by any marketing technique CON ARTISTS ARE BLING TO RIGHTS 2 March 2006 SWAGGERING around the foyer of a top London hotel in designer suits and patent leather shoes, they look like successful young entrepreneurs. Which is exactly what they want their prey to think. The truth is that they are the nasty gang behind a multi-million-pound scam that just won't go away. They have the cash and the clothes, but when we confronted them this week we found that the one thing they didn't have was answers. The boys in the bling just hid behind their bouncers, who replied to our questions by inviting us to step outside. We exposed this lot last summer when they were using the name Omi Club and promising fabulous riches if you paid £1,695 to join. But the only way you could make money was by persuading your mates to join as well. It was a pyramid scam. And, like all these cons, it was doomed to collapse, leaving thousands of members out of pocket and the cheats at the top stinking rich. After we exposed Omi Club it changed its name to VIP, which we also exposed. The Office of Fair Trading got an injunction preventing one of the main culprits, Gurdeep Singh, from continuing the scam. OFT director general Christine Wade says: "These clubs use slick high-pressure sales presentations to deceive the public about the benefits of becoming members." According to its own figures, VIP netted a massive £17million from victims. Now we've just found some of the same conmen, calling themselves LMI, holding another recruiting session at a posh London hotel. So we went along to The Millennium Gloucester Hotel in ' Kensington to hand out ' copies of our previous ' stories to potential victims. Ketan Hirani, a main speaker, became ' monosyllabic when we quizzed him. Did he feel guilty about what he does? "No." Even more tight-lipped was another organiser, sporting a Dolce & Gabbana tie and matching handkerchief. Calling himself "Steve", he took our business cards and promised to get back to us if he had any statement. He hasn't. A third poseur, who wouldn't give his name, at first denied he was anything to do with LMI, claiming to be just "relaxing" at the hotel. Yet he later launched a vigorous defence of the scheme, demanding: "Have you ever been to one of our presentations?" We have. In October we went to a Heathrow hotel where hundreds were crammed into an over-heated conference f room and bombarded with orchestrated clapping, standing ovations, deafening music and endless speeches. It could have been a religious cult. In Kensington two heavies hove into view and asked if we could step outside. We said it wasn't their hotel and carried on handing out our exposes, because we know what happens to people who get sucked in. Since our first article appeared we've heard many tragic tales from victims. One - we've got his details but will simply call him student Rickie from Surrey - told us: "One of my close friends invited me to one of the presentations. "I was constantly led to believe I would make £10,000 within two weeks of joining, I was basically forced into paying the joining fee of £1,695 just to stop more 'brainwashing'. "I am now left in huge debt and have to lie to my parents so they don't know what I got myself into -or else drag my friends into doing the same thing just to get out of debt." Behind this sham is a company called Leisure Marketing International Ltd, registered in the Caribbean tax haven of Belize. Hand over £1,695 and that's the last you'll see of your money
Date: 2006-3-12

Review By: -Valerie-
WOW... well shit the bed! As I write with my friend, I am to tell you the story of my VIP adventure. My friend and I met up with an old college friend on seperate occasions, who told us both of a business venture he wanted us to be part of!! Well, he did not give any details, but told us to meet him in Canary Wharf at 12.. Along we went, parted with £10 entrance fee. Whilst we waited in the Isle of Dogs Britannia Hotel for 2 hours before this meeting started, we observed the females and males who were quickly filling out the foyer. ... On entry to the conference room, we both looked bewildered as they applauded and convinced us this was not A CULT! ha Well, after 3-4 hours of explaining in mathmetical gibberish what we could earn in 10 months (£99,900) we were brainwashed. I parted with £200 whilst my friend was not able to have the available cash, but was pressured into other avenues, as given to me by one of the 'top sellers'! Upon reading forum, we now declaring a war against VIP. If you wish to join us and get your money back too.. please email... The war has just begun!
Date: 2006-3-11

Review By: Landed In SA
These con artists have landed in South Africa and are preying on our hard working population.I was invited by a close work colleuge to attend a Presentation at a top hotel in Rosebank, South Africa. I think more than anything my sense was on the money when I felt that I after hearing the "SALES PITCH" could not entice my friends and family into buying the membership - R11 400, without having done full research on this company and the people involved. Thank God I did. My questions are simple "Surely if one makes as much money as they claim then why do they - the "management" team work such incredibly long hard hours. Why are they not able to buy a car cash in this country, they use the cheapest form of transport available to South Africans - the Taxi's. Why do they not stay in the Hotels that they present from? Where are their Business Cards? Where are their offices? Why do those who have paid not even have legit receipts of payment. Why do those who have paid their memberships not have their cards yet. My friend has attempted to get a refund - no doubt would have made money back plus sum - but these con artists have dug their heels in and refuse to refund her. Why???? If as they say they have made soooooooooo much money. There are innocent people in this country who do not deserve to be duped like so many others worldwide
Date: 2006-3-29

Review By: BE WARNED
Reading these reviews, it's obvious those people promoting OMI are either working for OMI or are members and are losing out at the moment.
Date: 2006-4-4

Review By: Verri
Landed in SA and all other SA people who have been 'invited' to these seminars and have info to share please do so by mailing me on We need to do something before the 'NOT a PYRAMID'scheme gets any higher.
Date: 2006-4-19

Review By: I knew it was dodgey
My sis brought me to the presentation & I knew instantly something wasn't right. I've since researched thoroughy & amy worst fears were confirmed. Is anyone has managed to get a refund pls leave a message in the forum & let me know, as my sis took out a bank loan to pay for the 'membership' & is going to be in SERIOUS SHIT if she doesn't get the money to pay it back. Also, does anyone know what's happening with the court case against that shit Gurdeep Singh & how close it might be to getting shut down? I want to try & work out roughly how much longer she's got to try & recoup her money. Thanks.
Date: 2006-4-19

Review By: I knew it was dodgey
Also, to all those who stick up for the company & have made back their money & maybe more, then well done for you. Let's just hope VIP doesn't close down before your friend, mum, or whoever you introduced is left 1,695 out of pocket....
Date: 2006-4-19

Review By: Me
i advise intrested people should go to the meetings and sign up with fake details if u put down part of the money one of the senior agents will pay the rest for you if you change your mind you can leave without the organisation chasing you make your money back and leave without payin back the agent. Con the Con artists. :-)
Date: 2006-4-24

Review By: Negatron4VIP
I just attended a VIP presentation...Its funny because they say that this is not a cult....but by the end of it and experiencing the does actually resemble a cult...I cant believe how they have brainwashed my friends who think this is 100% genuine and they will b rolling in doe within 10 had SCAM written all over it as soon as i entered the room....if it isnt a scam how cums they change their names...The guy giving the talks was called Ramesh...eerily similar with the otha few names ive come across in these threads eg Hamesh?!?!
Date: 2006-4-24

Review By: vinnie
VIP is great. I get to wear D n G suits and prance around. My family is so proud of me.
Date: 2006-4-25

Review By: South Africa
Attended one of these “cult meetings” (chanting and clapping) last Sunday. It was held at the Sandton Convention Centre (South Africa). Can one put a price on stupidity? Yes: R11 400. (Oh and they added Value Added Tax to the price). Hopefully the receiver will nab them (For once I will be on the taxman’s side). HB
Date: 2006-4-25

Review By: koss
What is the name of the company in SA. We must stop them.
Date: 2006-4-25

Review By: Simon Andrews
once you hand the money over, the big dark cloud falls apon you to bend over backwards n lose all your morals, trust, respect and honour just to stitch some1 else up, the same way you were, use all the dirty tricks in the book, lie cheat n slander, SELL the golden ticket n bring you victims to this HEAVEN on EARTH, Test hes brain then stab hes heart with emotional blackmail, until they sign the dotted line. join the army of money hungry zombies. come wednesday night thats when you get paid, & all the pain will disappear.
Date: 2006-4-26

Review By: SCAM!!
What a scam! MONEY DOESN'T GROW ON TREES! Nobody make something out of nothing. You'll lose ya friends, family, partners and work col. is it worth it? Ou'll make more money from ya bank interest!!! ;)
Date: 2006-4-28

Review By: I made 34k
All i am gonna say! i made alllot of money...i dont regrat nothing! simpla as! but its true wot some people are sayin dont get ur family n ur friends invol..i invol people who i dont i do it...its easy!love it
Date: 2006-4-29

Review By: LondonG
Oxford Translation for VIP/OMI; A cult
Date: 2006-5-6

Review By: Hilmi
Why is it that it works for some people and it doesnt work for others? i will tell you why, if you put the effort in you will get your MONEY BACK! Nothing in this world gets handed to you in a plate! YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE SYSTEM!! theres alot of support from the management team who is available 24/7 which has helped me alot. People who think they know everything never make any money because they dont use the help that they are given! follow the system it works! And another thing VIP is not shutting down! the court case is against GURDEEP SINGH NOT AGAINST THE COMPANY, so can people get there facts right.
Date: 2006-5-11

Review By: vip wat a scam
if ur finkin about joinin vip dont do it. I was tempted 2 join but now i c it that wuld have been the most stupid decision ever to join such a money grabbing illegit company. There try to totally decieve u. Telling u about cheap holidays. U can get cheaper holidays on the high street. It even says as such on the contract its self! 3 of my m8s have joined,1 has been brainwashed, the other 2 r askin there money back within 7 days. Should be successful because that is a legal requirement. And did u no that as u signed not on there premises u should also be able to get a refund. N E way i was invited by these m8s. Although they did warn me that i should not join i went tosee what themoney making scheme was all about. The whole presentation was them trying to brainwash u using all tricks in the book.i admit i fell 4 it( which now i am annoyed at) but as i went to get the money i realised that this was a bit iffy especially as they were demanding money straight away and i decided not to do it. They tried everything to change my mind with all these false promises and lies. since then i realised i made the correct decision after reading the mirror investigation and the high court injunction.Of my 3 m8s none have got there membership card. All i want is to get my £10 back my m8s money back and to bring this whole company matter if its omi lmi or vip. Ur all jus a bunch of money grabbing fools!
Date: 2006-5-16

Review By: Almost conned
The company in South Africa is called MLI - Millenium Leisure International. Kalpesh Patel, was also one of the presenters. If you are in doubt their marketting managers try to con you afterwards on the phone. The bouncers are also present and you need to leave you individuality at the door to enter to become part of the herd.
Date: 2006-5-29

Review By: Mr.A
If you want to make money, your best of getting into stock markets. I been with omi but it has not done me any good. get into stock markets but before you get into it, read about it.
Date: 2006-6-3

Review By: Hgolo
Its really sad to see all these losers giving bad reports about the Omi Club. Funny enough all the people giving bad feedback did not join. If you want to continue in a 9-5 job then thats fine, but there are people out there that want to make a better life for themselves and so choose to join. There are great benefits and i have made a lot of money with them. I was a lawyer a year ago, and have given it up since joining the club as my income is enough to not have to work. So to all you people out there that have nothing better to do than complain about a company you know nothing about or have no experience of, there is one thing i would like to say. GET A LIFE
Date: 2006-6-5

Review By: Andy
This is a load of crap..........u can only win and make money if you sell ur mates and family
Date: 2006-6-23

Review By: De Wet Steynberg
Interesting. Not much to say from me except that they have lied to me. They claimed to be affiliated with a few hotels and also mastercard. Ha phones these companies and its all lies lies lies damn fkcing lies. I wouldt join a company like this unless they were with the Direct Selling association anyway. And Hgolo, I am not bitter because others have succeeded I am bitter because there ARE legit companies like the Amway Corporation. Ok ok please don't attack me now. At least they have REAL affilatates that you can call like MWeb Glenrand NetFlorist and they will all be happy and PROUD to tell you that they are affiliated with Amway. Im not here to bash other MLM companies im here to bash pyramid illegal schemes. Do you homework first people. Unfortunatley the internet does not count as a reliable source. Rather check out wheter they will actually survive the next decade (nothing less) other wise its not a long term plan for you or any of your family. NEVER EVER join a company that does a HARD SELL to get you to join. These decisions take time and "A man convinced against his will is of the same oppinion still!" Make sure that if you join that your upline/sponsor/whatever gets NOTHING immediatly. They must help you succeeed first before they get anything. Just my 2c and goodluck to those who are currently in LEGAL MLM companies
Date: 2006-6-26

Review By: Also South African
I also went to an MLI 'presentation' on Sunday. I'm an auditor so I was very sceptical. They told me they were a registered company in South Africa but they couldnt tell me who their auditors were. Also, if this 'company' is as easy and successful as they claim at these meetings, then the 300 people that attended WILL be millionaires after a year by just inviting 1 person a month to come along and join... Another thing is that after reading out forums like this, I realise that presentations of other fraudulent scams (OMI) are exactly the same: 4 parts, interview at the end, "after 10 months" etc etc. I think it was even the same speaker I heard (Kapesh, the indian guy with UK accent) although I dont think he used that name. And then they even offer to loan you money themselves to join. I just have a feeling that this type of thing is unethical. I think you can make some easy bucks but eventually many poor victims will pay the price because you made some easy cash.
Date: 2006-6-27

Review By: Mr Goodrink
I got skanked outta £250 by these pricks who say 'work smart not hard'. This was a year ago but now man got time to find them. I nearly lost my university place coz of their brainwashing and recruiting a so called friend who I was tight with. Anyone with info on what budget hotel they're in next can email me. Stear well clear of them and their 5% smile bullshit!
Date: 2006-7-10

Review By: Mr Goodrink
I got skanked outta £250 by these pricks who say 'work smart not hard'. This was a year ago but now man got time to find them. I nearly lost my university place coz of their brainwashing and recruiting a so called friend who I was tight with. Anyone with info on what budget hotel they're in next can email me. Stear well clear of them and their 5% smile bullshit!
Date: 2006-7-10

Review By: Me
I went today. 2 good friends of mine tell me they are being paid handsomely. I don't know what to believe. I have until monday to decide.
Date: 2006-7-15

Review By: JG
I need to get this off my chest, I was a marketing manager in the midlands, and I can confirm 100% that this is a scam. The money is broken down as follows; - £800 of your money is paid out to the person that brought you in or the person that brought the person that brought you in to it -£175 of the money goes straight in to the pocket of your marketing manager on the so called "members training day" on a wednesday. -£250 of your money is given to the assistant MD -The rest of your money is then divided up between people like Andrew faridani and a couple of other dodgy people. Please, anyone that has joined this money making scheme, just stop now, because I know for a fact you will end up hurting a family member or friend. Anyone thinking about joining, DON'T. The reason I left was because I found out how this company work. I went to a marketing managers training in London and the exact message the main VIP/OMI/MLI/JLP man (Andrew Faridani) said was "Treat members like mushrooms, feed them shit and keep them in the dark". Come on people this scheme has been in various newspapers three or four times over, as well as coming on the consumer program watchdog. So do not kid yourselves people this is not legit.
Date: 2006-9-2

Review By: Ex Manager
Hello everyone, I am an ex marketing manager of Millennium Leisure International (MLI) or VIP as its known in the UK. I am from the UK and used to work for VIP as one of their marketing managers in London. I want to clarify who the big shot is of this company who people never get to see, only in London people and managers have seen him grabbing his money and running off. Its not the people who do the presentation, or the Marketing Directors who are just there acting like the big shots, in fact the main person is Robert Fitzpatrick and his sidekick Gurdeep "George" Singh both from the UK. They are the ones cheating people from their hard earned money to provide a fake service which doesn’t even exist. Their product is worth nothing, try getting a holiday, or a good deal........... nothing there. They don’t even pay for their products, they are for free.... its a huge illegal money game and it will take only a few months in SA until it all crashes and people get hurt....again. Just wanted to mention that Rob Fitzpatrick is the only person making the big money, I remember him showing off on Wed. night trainings walking in with his 80's hair cut and at the end of the night running away with his cash and 4 security guards. This guy is bad news, type his name in google and see what appears, nothing but bad news. I hope everyone now knows who the leader is, the only person making millions is that man an no one else, he is the reason for all of these problems and if you want to point fingers, go after him, Robert Fitzpatrick go to hell. Pissed off ex ex manager. Thank god I quit after 3 months in management....
Date: 2006-9-18

Review By: EX Manager
Take a look at this link, from South Africa, the omi boys are at it again. Go to google and type Millenium Leisure International south africa, then click on the Raw Penguin link, you will see the replies from South Africa.
Date: 2007-2-7

Review By: nitewolf
u mention rober fitzpatrick! what about the marketn manager who lie to them poor people!!! This whole ting s a scam!!!! Anyone who got doubts!!! PLEASE DO NOT JOIN!!!
Date: 2007-3-13

Review By: Big time Scamsterz
AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! this is a one hundred percent scam!! Funny how these guys have suddenly gone quiet and how my agent, who was constantly begging me to join, sunddenly stopped calling me. LOL. These are evil manipulative people who are just out to con people out of their money! This is their latest website promising you the so called lifestyle you deserve WWW dot VIP dot COM dot BZ
Date: 2007-12-20

Review By: buzi
mount oread ventures
Date: 2007-12-26

Review By: Fredrik
Date: 2007-12-30

Review By: MR PATEL
I was introduced to this scheme by my ex girlfriend, it was then named XL. I smelt a rat but was stupidly talked round into joining. A SERIOUS WORD OF WARNING TO THE SO CALLED MANAGEMENT TEAM..........IF YOU HAPPEN TO READ THIS, WATCH YOUR BLOODY BACKS! IF I SEE YOU AROUND ILL BE RECLAIMING MY MONEY BY WHICHEVER MEANS NECCESSARY.
Date: 2008-1-20

Review By: George Singh
Perfect4u is a global lifestyle management comnpany providing individual concierge and benefits. Perfect4u also provide corporate benefits and have recently done a contract with Lloyds company to provide corporate benefits. Of course there has been mistakes in the past and always there is jealousy from individuals as we are successful and profitable. Anyone who writes negative about any company or individual live a negative life that is why they are not with us. Perfect4u uses many different marketing methods to reach its target market, so people before you make assumptions get the facts. Perfect4u has over 10 different marketing partners worldwide, Perfect4u do not need to market themselves, its called contracting out. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of being a member then visit
Date: 2008-1-24

Review By: Sam
To George Singh quote we have recently done a contract with a Lloyds company to provide corporate benefits unquote Which Lloyds company George. You have a track record that suggests EVERYTHING you say is a lie. Tell you what lets contact Lloyds and check it with them. I bet theyd love to have their name associated with you and Rob fitzpatrick...
Date: 2008-2-4

Review By: SL Pompey
Perfect are now being closed down. A word of advise from someone who knows, never ever ever have anything to do with Rob Fitzpatrick!
Date: 2008-5-28

Review By: One Vision and Perfect4U
One Vision is latest name for this fraud
Date: 2008-9-26

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