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Review Item:
The Utility Warehouse Discount Club
512kbps broadband and unlimited free UK calls - for just 19.95 a month.
Current Number of Votes: 2
Current Rating: 10.00

Review By: Lesley Williams
I do not usually endorse ANY company and always expect excellent service for my money. However, on this occassion I have been suitably impressed by The Utility Warehouse. Apart from anything else, I used to pay about 120 per quarter to BT in phonecalls, 11.50 per month in line rental and 24.99 per month for broadband. The Utility Warehouse have now taken over my BT line rental at 10.00 per month and put me on a broadband package that costs 22.99 and INCLUDES all my national and local phonecalls! I am now saving over 43.00 per month - which is more than 500 per year! They have also reduced my gas and electricity bills by at least a third and I have just received my first bill - with ALL my services on one set of paperwork - brilliant. I really do not know how the big "friendly" blue chip telephone and energy providers sleep at night. I do not have a large income and to save (by my calculations) over 900 per year by changing to The Utility Warehouse was well worthwhile. I have read the other reviews of this company and can only summarise that the savings apparently come from The Utility Warehouse not doing any advertising - which is fine by me. Highly recommended.
Date: 2006-5-7

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