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Review Item:
Free software for Trading Standards and consumer groups to calculate APR figures..
Current Number of Votes: 2
Current Rating: 10.00

Review By: Dave Peters
I bought a car on Finance and a friend of mine thought that the paymenys were high. Icheked it with the swiftquote software and the APR was wrong as were the repayments I called the the Finance company and they have reduced my payments from 177.20 per month down to 127.40 per month. This is the best software that has saved me a lot of money. Dave
Date: 2003-7-19

Review By: Michael Stevens
A frienf of mine asked me to have a look at his personal and could I check it. The figures were way off, he went to the Trading Standards Office who took it up the the loan company. As a result his payments went from 92.20 down to 51.50. SwiftQuote saved a fortune. Mick
Date: 2003-9-12

Review By: M. Holley
I have tried to get a APR calculator and SwiftQuote Really works....... Also just bought my Building and Contents with them excellent service.
Date: 2010-8-9

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