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Review Item:
Red Letter Days - Activity Day & Gift Experience Vouchers
Providing unique Birthday and Christmas gift ideas, such as rally driving.
Current Number of Votes: 4
Current Rating: 3.25

Review By: Salubritas
I received a present of a Red Letter Days "yellow" voucher, at a cost of 150, for my birthday in November last year. Not knowing what "experience" I wanted to do, I put the voucher to one side and set a reminder in my Palm Pilot to book it later. My Palm Pilot stopped working in January so I never saw the reminder. They do not send out a letter or email to say the voucher is about to expire - a huge oversight for something so expensive. I am a busy person and the expiry date passed without me realising. Recently, I remembered the voucher and decided to book my experience. I was amazed that it had expired so soon, and absolutely appalled that they would do nothing about it - they simply take the 150 and say it's tough luck. This company makes money from people not booking their vouchers and feels no obligation to send a reminder or provide any kind of replacement. I asked them what costs they had incurred to provide my voucher so I could pay the difference but they would not say. I was simply referred to their terms and conditions - 4 pages of small print that very few people will read. The law is probably on their side, but I think the way this company does business is despicable and underhand. Do not give them your money because you might get nothing in return. You might well find you can purchase an equivalent experience direct with the provider at much lower cost, as it cuts out a middle man who provides very little value. Summary * Short time to book considering value of vouchers * Customer service is national rate - they make money from your call * If voucher expires they take all your money (150+) and give nothing back * Experiences can be booked directly at lower price and greater flexibility
Date: 2005-7-25

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